Yoga Clothing


This yoga clothing directory is just the right spot for the earth-loving, sustainable lifestyle loving yogi. Here, you will find the best yoga clothing companies that have your budget and the planet's health in mind. These fine stores carry natural, organic, sustainable, eco-friendly clothing that is just what the yoga lifestyle and you are all about. These yoga clothing providers are not shy when it comes to proving why they are worthy of your business and providing deals!


ASANA GREEN carries the best collections of affordably priced and durable yoga clothing we've seen...


YES IT'S ORGANIC carries a good selection of women's yoga clothing



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While there is no shortage for yoga clothing available online today, if you narrow down the search to high quality yoga clothing made from sustainable materials, the available companies shrink in size dramatically.

Of course we are going to promote the more eco-friendly clothing stores. We are a directory for all things green and eco-friendly. But we take personal interest in yoga clothing, not only because we love yoga here at Save With Green, but because the yoga lifestyle and the eco-friendly lifestyle go hand in hand. Besides, organic and sustainable materials such as bamboo are fantastic for yoga workouts. Yup, we said bamboo! More on that in a minute.

Besides being made from high quality, comfy eco-friendly materials, your yoga clothing needs to be lightweight, easy for you to flex in and absorbable. You do not want to be wearing heavy, ill fitting clothing when you are practicing yoga. Clothing that is too loose will only prohibit you from achieving your positions with ease.

What are the best materials? Lightweight cotton (preferable organic) with a tiny bit of lycra for stretch. Bamboo is an amazing sustainable fabric that is naturally lightweight, absorbable, and naturally germ resistant. Seriously, how can you not love bamboo? You will also find soft hemp clothing for yoga too. When you visit Asana Green, our number one favorite above, you will see why the philosophy of the yoga lifestyle and the sustainable living lifestyle go hand in hand.

The stores we recommend above all carry earth-friendly yoga clothing. These stores not only sell yoga clothing, buy a few of them carry just about anything you will possibly need for practicing yoga. Especially that mat you will want!

Feel free to browse all of the reviewed yoga clothing stores above and for yourself why we love them and support them. They are worthy of your kind business.