Wholesale Yoga Clothing


Are you starting your own yoga company? Perhaps you've been in the yoga business for a long time and need a new connection for wholesale yoga clothing and supplies. Even if you are looking to simply buy in bulk, we found just the companies you need. The wholesale yoga clothing and products providers we list here in this directory all offer large sale programs whether you need B2B connections or simply need all new inventory. We advocate these specific companies for their quality, services and reputations. For the best wholesale and large scale purchasing of yoga supplies, these are the best!


If you are a yoga instructor or have a business involved in yoga you need quality whole sale connections. Yoga clothing is very popular and this directory page focuses on wholesale yoga clothing options. Alas, most of the companies we refer you to above sell yoga props, instructional media and more.

We have mentioned on this site during several occasions that it is important to know where your yoga clothing comes from and how it is made. Quality and eco-friendliness is an important factor when buying yoga clothing, wholesale or not. After all, there is certainly no benefit from practicing hard on your spirituality and well-being by wearing cheap yoga clothing made from chemicals and materials that do not go hand-in-hand with your yoga mantra right? The good thing here is that most yoga clothing is made well. Any clothing specifically designed for yoga practice tends to be well designed with the earth’s health and your health in mind.

Wholesale yoga clothing companies typically require that you have a business license to become eligible for the deep discounts associated with wholesale purchases. However, some yoga clothing retailers and wholesale companies only require you buy in bulk. We recommend both above as you will see some have different requirements that others.

When you are ready to make your wholesale yoga clothing purchases, especially the first time with a new company, ask for samples if you can. Some companies that are vying for your business to business purchases will provide samplings of their clothing in one way or another. It never hurts to ask anyway. When you are shopping for your wholesale purchase, take a good look at the reviews we provide above. We will cover everything from purchase requirements to company reputation and credentials.

While most yoga clothing is designed for comfort, you will find that the stores we recommend you purchase from above all sell stylish yoga clothing as well. Some even provide custom monogramming services where you can even add your companies logo if you so choose to do so. This particular feature is prevalent with yoga mat companies. Imagine making your wholesale yoga clothing purchase with your company’s logo already on the product.

When you make your purchase, be sure to tell ‘em who sent ya! Maybe you’ll get an extra discount for the referral.