Wholesale Organic Herbs Online


Welcome to our directory for wholesale organic herbs. This herb directory is a great resource for our deserving customers who are looking to buy wholesale herbs offered at great prices. If you are looking for business to business deals on some of the World's best organic herbs, this is THE directory for you. Below, we have found the best of the best wholesale organic herbs providers. These companies also sell to the public, but they also provide excellent deals to distributors, co-ops, resellers and more.



Mountain Rose Herbs is our absolute top choice for buying herbs online, guaranteed fresh (no older than a few months from harvest) and certified organic and Fair Trade.




Starwest is our top pick for organically certified bulk herbs.


Typically, wholesale is for stores, co-ops, resellers and distributors. The companies above currently offer some of the most competitive pricing schedules on bulk and wholesale organic herbs. Most of the stores above consider wholesale to be business to business (licensing needed), but they also provide bulk organic sales to consumers looking to save a lot and buy in quantity.

Considering most all herbs have amazing shelve lives, it is a great idea to save money and buy wholesale organic herbs and in bulk quantity. Herbs don’t weigh much, the store well, and shipping is discounted based on how much you buy. It’s not shipping weight that is of concern, it all about the money you spend with herbs that make you save, save, save.

We love, love, love Mountain Rose among to other distributors of organic herbs and spices simply But, because Mountain Rose has a serious amount of accreditations and recognitions under their roof – we salute them. As a non-licensed consumer, when you order organic herbs in bulk at the stores above, the discounts offered to you are many times accumulative (meaning the more you buy, the bigger the discount for savings. Now the companies we support in our detailed reviews above already have competitive prices – so check them out.  Many times, there are additional discounts available for organic herbs, teas, spices herbs, spices and teas, and more, so always check back here where we will continually update our reviews and produce any insider coupon codes we are offered because of our relationships with these fine wholesale organic herbs providers. Many of our recommended stores above will post discounts on the actual website, many are reachable by email, and will send you packets of insider info. Please visit these wholesale herbs gurus today! Remember, we will continually add any new coupon discounts worth your consideration as well as new herb companies that provide wholesale deals as we review them and become supportive of them. Enjoy!