This is your "go to" guide for finding The Vegetarian Table Series books online at the best prices. Best selling authors like Yamuna Devi, Kitty Morse and much more share their passion for all things vegetarian in this series of amazing regional vegetarian cook books. While finding these books may not be the hardest things to find, we found the most affordable places to buy the Vegetarian table Series online. Make your table a vegetarian one today! Find copies online at very low cost compared to those annoying land based big box book stores...



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The well-known, best-selling Vegetarian Table Series is an amazing collection of vegetarian cook books created by authors Yamuna Devi, Kitty Morse and much more. These well loved authors serve up an extraordinary collection of delicious vegetarian dishes that are sure to keep in inspired to cook meat free everyday. Her series of books include regional fare and just about any dish you could ever think of. Each book has a different author highly skilled in that region's fare.

Each Vegetarian Table Series book focuses on vegetarian dishes from places such as Italy, France America, Mexico, India (Yamuna Devi), Japan, North Africa (Kitty Morse), Thailand and more. The vegetarian Table Series of books are more than recipes and inspiration; they provide you with the entire background for each region focused on. For instance, the Mexico addition shares insight about Mexican culture and not just how to make a bean taco. This best selling series covers in great detail the insight behind the inspiration to cook for each culture it shares. Embracing the choicest produce, wholesome grains and legumes, and fragrant seasonings is just a taste (pun intended) of what this series of vegetarian books contain.

The India addition will certainly knock your socks off. Featuring over 80 different spice induced dishes you will never be at a loss for a good Indian recipe. Photos of these dishes come alive because the photographer is amazing. Zeva Oelbaum who takes these photos does a top notch job.

These books do not dictate recipes, they share tips on how to stock your pantry with the amazing ingredients too!

A well put together book is much better than any downloaded book or copied recipe when you have such top notch talent putting these books together!

Yamuna Devi has won coveted IACP and James Beard awards.