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One of the best ways to use herbs as remedies is in liquid tinctures and formulas - its very condensed this way. Liquid herbs and liquid herbal remedies are not only effective at naturally treating a wide range of ailments, they are quick acting too. Sage tincture is used for a wide variety of needs, mostly oral needs like tonsil infections, and other oral infections. Be sure to read the tips and considerations at the bottom of this page for more on sage tincture uses - and shop the reviewed stores just below - we highly recommend them!



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Sage is most likely one of the top few of the very oldest medicinal herbs and culinary herb on the planet. While it has many uses and formulas, sage tincture is formulated for oral ailments and one treatment you may find surprising – it helps dry breast milk glands when you are finished, or do not want to breast feed.

In general sage tincture is used as a gargling mixture for oral infections and used as mouth washing formula for other oral problems like bleeding gums, sore throats, tonsillitis. D you produce too much saliva from your salivary glands? If so, sage tinctures are your friend! Another usage for this tincture is indigestion.

Again, sage can be used in a multitude of food dishes and recipes, not just in tincture formulation. Leaves of this herb wrapped in a pillow can be helpful to proper sleep (just like lavender in that respect).

Considerations for using sage as a tincture or remedies of ailments:

- Sage is generally considered to be very safe when used properly

- Understand that sage is known to hinder the absorption of iron and other minerals when taken internally.

- If you are considering this herb as a medicinal treatment (higher concentrations more than say cooking with minute amounts of it) and you suffer from any type of seizure disorders you should not use Sage. Still consult a doctor if you have active seizures and cook with it. We are not discounting the severity of seizures, but obviously the more potent the more at risk.

- Do not use sage tincture products if you are pregnant unless you do not plan to use breast milk. Obviously you would not use it during lactation activity unless you are ready to stop nursing.

All in all, sage is used as a remedy for more than a handful of reasons. Check out the recommended retailers we have reviewed above that carry this tincture. After all it has been around a lot longer than we have and it was used long before modern medicine was widely practiced. It’s natural and not loaded with pharmaceuticals. In fact most tincture products on the market contain sage, reverse osmosis water, and grain alcohol – that’s it!