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One of the largest suppliers of organic herbs in the United States, Starwest Botanicals has a come a long way since 1975, when it was a small retail herb shop in Sacramento, California. Consciously making a business shift to offer the highest-quality, fresh organic herbs, (quality rather than quality) led to Starwest's ultimate success as a leading bulk herb supplier. With a large in-house operation that includes renewable energy powered herb mills and an 85,000 square foot production facility and warehouse, Starwest has over 1 million pounds of herbs and spices in stock. An environmentally conscious company, Starwest runs renewable energy and recycling initiatives, and is a staunch practitioner of sustainable agriculture practices.

Organic Herbs

A beacon of the highest levels of sustainable, social and environmentally conscious business practice, Starwest Botanicals is as comprehensive and transparent as online herb stores get. One of the largest buyers of outsourced herbs, Starwest Bontanicals offers over 500 wild-crafted and bulk herbs, including over 130 USDA organic herbal varieties available for bulk purchase. Teas, liquid herb tinctures, herb capsules, teas, aromatherapy essential oils, spices and more are available at Starwest. Superior freshness and quality for their herbal products is ensured with a modern, integrated milling, blending and packaging center. Expect low prices, notably on wholesale herbs. Starwest Botanicals offers a No-hassle, 100% Guarantee on all purchases and free shipping on all orders over $75.

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Starwest Botanicals therapeutic grade, 100% pure essential oil blend are a top seller at this leading online herb store and importer of Fair Trade certified and USDA organic herbs. Maintaining their very own third-party audited laboratory and quality control manufacturing facility, Starwest has the means to develop some of the best, highest quality aromatherapy essential oil blends available. Starwest also carries a large lineup of aromatherapy massage, bath and body oils, flower waters and aromatherapy accessories and supplies, including electric aromatherapy diffusers, candle diffusers, diffuser rings, light bulb scent diffuser rings and more.

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Starwest Botanicals carries one of the largest selections of Fair Trade certified tea available for online purchase - and with great savings at that. A highly sustainable and environmentally conscious business, Starwest is committed to offering the finest quality, USDA organic fair trade tea with excellent taste and aroma, and supporting equally environmentally conscious farmers around the world. Choose from nearly twenty organic, Fair Trade certified teas and over 100 USDA organic loose herbal teas and tea blends. Considering the exceptional quality of these teas, the prices at Starwest are outstanding, and quite frankly, cheaper than many other non-fair trade teas. For example, a robust Irish Breakfast fairtrade and organic certified loose tea sells for $19 per pound - little over $1 per ounce. Starwest Botanicals offers a No-hassle, 100% Guarantee on all purchases and free shipping on all orders over $75.