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Reusable shopping bags are a necessity for most any household. Your household should be no different. In a day and age where recycling is a must, yet not always practiced at its best, reusable shopping bags are a good start in changing that. Just about any type of store you go to (let’s face it, we can’t only shop online at this awesome website) sells them, but we found the best kinds. Be sure to check out the very bottom of this page for tips and usage hints. Just below, you will find some cool places to buy the best!



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Reusable shopping bags are a great way to help save paper and plastic and they can look real cool. In fact, you can use them as just about any type of bag for storing anything really. Finding them is as easy as a trip to any store on the planet, but finding the best quality of reusable bags made from recycled materials is not. Well, not until now that is.

Most people (those who are just trying to do something to help) may not understand that they can actually buy reusable shopping bags made from recycled fabrics. These types of bags are not only reusable (saving further production of plastic a paper bags), but they themselves are made from recycled materials.

Here are some great tips for using reusable shopping bags

- Keep your bags in your trunk if you drive! The hardest part about remembering to actually use your bags is to make sure they are readily available. If you keep them in the trunk, or even by your front door, you are less likely to not have them at hand when you need the bags.

- Make sure the bags themselves are eco-friendly. Just because they are reusable shopping bags does not mean they are eco-friendly. Many stores have jumped into the so called eco-friendly band wagon buy selling reusable bags at the counter, but some are made from actual material that contains less than eco-friendly chemicals and materials.

- Wash you bags on a regular basis. They get dirty. You don’t want to potential bacteria near your food and other items you put in your reusable shopping bags. Be sure to purchase bags that are washable.

To find the best in reusable bags for shopping, we recommend the stores above that we have reviewed and rated. These companies are all eco-friendly companies that provide a multitude of shopping bags made from recycled materials, or made eco-friendly. Take a look above.