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Welcome to our Recycled Backpack Directory! Here you will find amazing, innovative companies selling the highest quality recycled backpack and carryall bags. When it comes to practicality and looking good, these sturdy bags do it all. Many are made from fabrics such as recycled cotton and hemp. In particular we love the fair trade hemp backpack! Take a look at eth recommended store(s) below and see why we love them!


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Eco Gear and GreenSmart

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A good quality recycled backpack is just the perfect type of carryall that is practical yet noteworthy. We all want to do our share when it comes to recycling and saving the planet, especially with fashion as it tends to be eye catching and conversational. Due to demand and fabulous new designs using recycled materials you would be surprised to learn of, recycled backpack designs are stunning and still practical.

Backpacks aren’t just for hiking and school anymore either. Just about everyone has one. Messengers use them as well as messenger bags. Whatever age you are, whatever climate you live in, recycled backpack variations exist.

One thing is for certain, if you are looking for a backpack, whether you stumbled onto this page and found the recycled offerings, or you are actually looking for recycled materials specifically, there is a backpack for you at the fine stores we highly recommend above.

The reviews above will lead you to stores carrying the highest quality backpacks we, as an eco-friendly directory, can find on the internet today. Many of the reviewed and recommended stores above are fair trade certified, organic certified, or certified for using innovative materials to make the best recycled backpack products. Even more so, these quality stores sell at affordable prices as we do not do business with companies that take advantage of consumers by charging a hefty price for trying to legitimately become green and more eco-friendly. You could say that this directory makes going green a lot easier on the wallet, the planet and you!