We all need to moisturize. Not many of us pay attention to much more than the fragrance of our lotion. Well, not here! This directory is all about quality, more naturally preserved lotions. Here you will find paraben free lotion, creams, moisturizers and more. Parabens are used widely in lotions and other personal care products. Be sure to take a look at the store reviews below and visit these stores as they sell the best quality, more eco-friendly and paraben free lotion products you will find on the internet today!


Lotion is probably the moat commonly found personal care item in anyone’s bathroom or dressing area at home. Everyone uses it (or at least everyone should), but not everyone uses the best lotion for their skin.

This directory is all about paraben free lotion, and other moisturizing products for you skin that are free of parabens and full of more natural preservatives and ingredients.

Most consumers looking for the best quality moisturizers already know about parabens and why they need to avoid products using them. Some people that use lotions and creams do not really care about much more than price and fragrance of their lotion. This directory aims to change this. Parben free lotion is just the right place to start. As an eco-friendly and organic lotion, cream and moisturizer supporting product directory, we want to share some of our perspective about paraben free lotion and other personal care products with our visitors. This directory in particular will platform stores online selling paraben free moisturizers.

Parabens are unhealthy preservatives that are used in a immense amount of personal care goods. Lotion in particular has extensively been linked to paraben use in its production. This is simply due to the fact that it is cheap to use as a preservative. A lot of tests and studies have been accomplished regarding the safety of parabens in products, while it is shown that long term usage is not healthy, many customers are still wholly unaware when it comes to parabens.

Thanks to better request for natural goods by patrons, eco-friendly companies that make lotion have used more natural preservatives. Be sure to check out the paraben free lotion and moisturizer stores we advocate above. They all sell a wide assortment of paraben free lotion products and other personal care products.