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Organic Chinese herbs have been around a lot longer than we have. Considering all herbs were organic in 200 B.C., a lot has changed since then. For one thing, you can purchase high quality Chinese herbs online and have them shipped (many times free) right to your home. The alternative approach the prevention and healing created in China, but now practiced everywhere, has caught on quite a bit in Western countries, namely the US. We have found Chinese herbs Direct to be our undivided best recommendation for providing organic Chinese herbs - check them out below.


Organic Chinese herbs are not as hard to come by as you might think. Most any store that sells Chinese herbs is not in the business of mass production of tons and tons of genetically and chemically modified items. It is simply NOT what Chinese medicine is about. You may find herbs in your local grocery store that are packaged in mass production for food entrees and consumption by way of cooking dinner, but not typically with Chinese herbs.

If you are looking for organic Chinese herbs and herbal products, you simply need to look for not only accreditation (which we provide in our reviews above), but you will want to understand the process of how organic herbs are cultivated, processed and packaged. To be organic: no pesticides, no herbicides, no genetically modified organisms (GMOs), no preservatives and noting artificial can exist. This means from seedling to grown, packaged and sent to your door!

  Most farms/vendors we deal with here at are in the green business. They are environmentally conscientious, and take measures to maintain a sustainable product, service, company and lifestyle.

Think of it this way…organic Chinese herbs are essential to the holistic approach to the practice of Chinese medicine. For a true practitioner, provider of Chinese medicinal herbs to use products packed with chemicals would be like going to McDonald’s and ordering a Big Mac with fat free cheese.

Seriously though, not all companies on the Internet are out there providing the best products, but that is what this page is for. We have worked hard to create relationships with companies that do have eco-awareness, organic products, green policies and the best possible intentions of providing top-notch organic Chinese herbs in mind. Please take a look at the stores we have vetted, reviewed and recommend above. To become recommended o\in this herb directory, these stores offer not only quality products and services, but they provide them at discounted, inexpensive prices. Many times, the recommended stores we have above cater to loyalty buy providing online coupons, free shipping, and other benefits to first time and return customers.