Non-Profits That Profit the Soul


Welcome to our page of non-profits! And we're not just talking about any non-profits. Throughout our travels and research, we have come across several non-profit organizations who are doing a stellar job at helping to conserve natural resources, protecting wildlife, curbing global warming, promoting fair trade and economic & social justice, and nurturing the inner life of mankind. We highly recommend paying their website's a visit to learn more, make a donation or join their cause. Just click on any banner and a pop-up window will take you on your way!

It is our mission to make the non-profits page on as comprehensive as possible! We want it to reflect the diversity and goodness of humanity in the pursuit of making this life here on Earth happy, hopeful and sustainable. We also want to make it easy for aspiring and current activists to join a cause and make THE difference. Please let us know of any non-profit organizations that you feel should be here!