Non toxic paint is as important to your health and our precious environment as having a beautiful looking room is. Here in this directory, you will find all the top names in eco-friendly painting supplies at great prices. If we have learned anything from our history with lead in products, we know that non toxic paint is vital. Take a look at the reviews we are working on and shop at these highly recommended stores where non toxic products and affordability is the key!



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When you are ready to make your home, business or office the most eco-friendly you can, buying non-toxic paint is the way to go. Why is it important to go non-toxic? Your health and the planet’s health depend on it.

When it comes to buying your non-toxic paint, all of your time should be spent selecting a color, not finding a dependable store selling it.

Here are a few benefits of non-toxic paints:

- Not harmful to your health as they carry little or no VOCs (volatile organic compounds). Low emitting ingredients are used to produce these types of paints.

- There are made with alternative natural ingredients such as soy and other bio-based ingredients.

- Innovative technology such as sheen levels and coverage are high in quality.

- Many use recycled ingredients.

- -high quality ingredients include less water (no dilution) and more eco-friendly solids are used.

- Many use natural plant oils instead of harmful inorganic alternatives used in traditional, hazardous paint products.

- Non-toxic paints are now made to last longer and most are now washable.

- Just as regular paints, non-toxic paints come in one-coat varieties.

Now that you have a bit more understanding about non-toxic paint products, you will be better at buying with confidence. The companies we have rated and reviewed above all sell high-quality paints that are as friendly to the earth as they are to your wallet!

Feel free to browse our review section above and click on any links you are interested in to see just what we are talking about! We support these companies and commend them for providing eco-friendly home project supplies and non-toxic paint supplies and so should you when it comes to your next home improvement project.