Non toxic paint remover is the perfect product for removing paint safely and securely. Whether you are removing old toxic paint or looking to strip down a wall to add new life, these stores we recommend below are just the ticket to your success. All of these stores sell non toxic paint remover and other eco-friendly paint supplies at reasonable prices. When you want to put your health and the health of our planet in the forefront, these are the highest qualified companies to help you!



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Non toxic paint remover safely removes paint without that noxious odor that is so bad for your health and the health of our planet! We recommend only leading, high quality, bio based, low odor, low VOC (or zero VOC), non-toxic soy safe paint removal products sold by industry leading companies here in this directory. This directory serves those looking for varnish removal products, stripping products, and quality coating removers that do not require the use of high odor toxic solvents.

When you want to get rid of classic hazardous solvents such as Acetone, Benzene, MEK, Methylene Chloride, Toluene, Napthalene, and more, the stores we recommend above are your source for help.

The products these companies sell are eco-friendly, low in fragrance, non-toxic, safe and earth-loving and healthier to use than the products of the past.

When you are about to embark on your next home improvement project, you want easy, fast and safe paint strippers and removers. You also want to use products that are safe for you, the surface they are used on, and the planet.

The companies we recommend above sell the most advanced non-toxic paint and coating stripper formulations existing. They all get the job done without unsafe, persistent unpleasant odors. The non-toxic paint remover products we recommend are all safe paint strippers, varnish removal and coating removal products are the ideal alternatives to toxic chemical products.

Helpful hint: Always buy non-toxic paint removal products that meet EPA standards and that are recommend by green business councils and organizations supporting the eco-friendly way of life. Choose products that are effective and that work on the first try without having to reapply a bunch of times. Effective and safe applications for: paint stripping, graffiti removal, wood finish removal, floor coating removal, and more...