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September 16, 2012 | Posted by: Ry

Going green can not only involve taking the necessary steps in our own lives to reduce our Carbon footprint, it can also include a degree of activism, such as sharing your views and beliefs on sustainability with others - and more importantly - setting an example for others to be inspired by. Of course, nobody is perfect...not even the Dali Lama. Nor should anyone force their beliefs on others.

However, by openly expressing personal views in a forthright and considerate manner (always helped with a little scientific backing), and "walking the talk", every individual can help plant seeds and lay the groundwork needed for big, collective changes later down the road.

Case in point is the work that has been doing for the last 10+ years to foster and mandate sustainable corporate practices. Not just limited to industrial, brick 'n mortar companies, Green America's efforts include the biggest players in the age of the internet, such as Amazon.

This is important, because contrary to reports in recent years that show just how much energy eCommerce companies are using to power data centers, many companies, like Amazon, claim that internet business are "inherently environmentally friendly", and are resisting efforts that would make the company adopt more sustainable business practices.

Amazon is of special note, as company management has been opposed to taking any actions that would reduce the Web behemoth's massive energy usage, and consequently, large Carbon footprint. 20% of Amazon shareholders have already called the company to account and have recently asked management to research and disclose the climate impacts resulting from the energy usage to power its massive data centers, as well as the company's global shipments.

To help the effort of Amazon shareholders, Green America is calling upon all of us (as potential and current Amazon customers) to make your voices heard. Visit this action list at Green America to tell Jeff Bezos, CEO of Amazon, that you believe it is the company's responsibility to research and disclose's energy usage and consequential impact on climate change.


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