Why You Should Buy Green Pet Foods


September 12, 2011 | By: Amy Wermuth

Most of the usual pet food brands stocked on the shelves of discount pet supply stores nationwide consist of animal byproducts and low-grade so-called meats that are said to be unacceptable for humans but considered good enough for pets. Why should any domestic animal eat sub-par foods if we wouldn’t? Seriously, it is a proven fact that nutrition directly impacts health and resistance to disease, preferably you would want pet food that is similar to the food you eat, or as close to it as you can get.

We are talking about domesticated animals here, not wild animals that have different genetic makeup and dietary needs. There has not been enough research out there on pet diets. However, subjective evidence clearly shows that natural or organic pet foods can and will develop healthy skin and coat. With the amount of allergies many breeds now suffer from, eating quality organic and healthy pet food is especially helpful. For instance, dogs fed natural and or organic food even have better dental health and more controllable weight. This equates to longer lifespan. Come on you’ve seen the documentary where the guys eats nothing but fast food for weeks on end and ends up very ill and has health issues than become costly. Would you want that for your best buddy, your dog or cat? Your pet? By investing in high quality pet foods now, you are saving in vet bills in your future.

This brings us to the expense issue that so many consumers seem to become hung-up on. The cost of green pet foods, organic and other natural pet foods is offset by the simple fact that they contain higher concentrations of nutrients, so you do not have to feed your pet as large of a meal. Ounce for ounce, you actually save. Don’t forget the vet bill savings as well.

By simply looking at ingredient labels at your local pet store before making a decision can easily save you so much money. Many ingredients found n cheap pet foods have been linked with a list of health problems including liver issues and mutations. Fortunately, with pressure from the public, various brands have replaced harmful ingredients with more natural ingredients, but nothing in the world beats feeding your pets organic and truly natural foods.

Stay away from “meat and bone meal" which is the lowest class protein that is often made with a percentage of animals that are dead, dying, diseased or disabled.

Look for online pet food companies that rate and sell pet food brands based on sustainable and humane manufacturing, packaging, grade and obviously ingredients.

Pet food companies that provide consumers with minimally processed pet food (without added drugs or hormones) and that are preserved with natural substances are the stores you should buy from. Purchasing pet foods online allows you access to the highest quality pet foods you may not be able to get at your local pet shop and certainly will not find at your local grocer. Please take the time to check out our pet food directory for some really amazing stores we highly recommend here at SaveWithGreen.com.

Lastly, the stores you want to buy from should have a transparency to them. Check out how they report their ingredients. That is one of the highest criteria any pet food provider must meet to be in our directory as well. Eco-goals and green business practices should be in place for any company you consider. It is one thing to “talk the talk”, but does the pet food store you are about to buy from “walk the walk”?

Helpful hint: look for food that is certified organic and meets USDA standards for being free of pesticides, hormones, antibiotics, and artificial preservatives.


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