Wind Powered Electricity Needs Help From Grid


September, 2008 | Posted by: Ry

While it's clearly evident that the future of sustainable electricity production in the U.S. lies in solar and wind power, what's not as clearly evident is how that's going to be accomplished.

The production of the energy itself is a no-brainer. The tricky part is just how all this energy is going to be delivered across the electric grid. It's the grid, my friends, that poses the problem.

Take for instance, the recent shutting down of the Maple Ridge Wind farm in upstate New York, whose 200 wind turbines cost approximately $320 million to get up and running.

However, since the 100-year old grid is already so congested, without paying fines to feed more energy to the grid, Maple Ridge had no choice but to shut down.

So, when you hear the government talking about creating wind power or even nuclear power, be sure to ask them how they plan to transmit that energy to residential recipients hundreds, maybe even thousands, of miles away.

Such is the idea behind giant solar farms in southwestern desert regions, that could potentially supply enough energy for the entire country. Again, part of what the government, and I did say government, needs to be researching is how to expand and revamp the current grid system.


Until they do, more wind farms like Maple Ridge will likely have no choice but to shut down.


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