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November 11, 2011 | By: Amy Wermuth

Before Occupy Wall Street started to command our attention by voicing people’s intolerance for greediness and fraud within the American economic leadership sector, a NY based meditation group was peacefully acting to deliberately support universal prosperity.

Known as Med Mob, the group’s mission is to create an environment for people from all religious backgrounds, beliefs and experience level to unite in meditation. Med Mob has affiliates around the globe and regularly organizes a mediation sit-in “flash mob” style. These events attract much needed attention and take place in public realms in order to draw attention to the power of meditation and positive intention.

Historically, Med Mob participants have been asked to bring their own intention for themselves, their community or the very planet we live on. But when one Med Mob saw a coming shift in the financial markets, he became determined to propose a flash mob with a more focused objective.

What’s more, this Med Mob organizer actually worked in the financial foray as a banker and stock trader before becoming a wellness community organizer. He knew an economical downfall was eminent. This prediction cajoled him to write a statement of intention for upcoming meditations on behalf of conscious prosperity for all.

From June through August Med Mob displayed this written intention while they meditated each day in front of the New York Stock Exchange around lunch time for maximum traffic. People walking by would simply join in. A group of up to 30 participants brought a patch of calmness and peace to a fast-paced, rat-raced section of town.

Then, in mid July, a well known activist magazine posted the initial call for the Occupy Wall Street movement on its website. The posting on the website asked for volunteers to flood the lower Manhattan area on Sept 17. That day, several hundred people showed up to Occupy Wall Street.

At first, the New York Med Mob planned to be present until the end of the day then leave their daily meditations and to stand clear of Occupy protesters. Organizers thought the online Occupy Movement posts were written with fear in mind. Acting in a peaceful manner as opposed to a demanding one was the key for Med Mob. Even though the fearful posts were important to gain attention that is.

About one week into the Occupy Wall Street movement, Med Mob organizers reassembled for a meditation flash mob at the same park where the occupation was being demonstrated. Inadvertently, the protesters were marching uptown at the same time.

When Med Mob arrived at the park there was no one in the park and it was a peaceful mediation environment. When the Occupy protesters returned to the park after their march, a noticeable change as witnessed.

Since that day, meditations are performed in the park on Saturdays at 12PM and Wednesdays at 3PM. Now seen as an example of sustainable awareness, we find this to be a peaceful, effective demonstration. They even practice Tai Chi and other arts.

Whether Med Mob started it or just came about at the same time, we applaud any movement that asks us to become more aware of our society and if they happen to meditate too, that's just icing on the cake. For awesome Occupy T-Shirts you have to check this out!


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