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A lot of our customers and blog readers here at practice yoga so it is only fitting that I share some info about the latest yoga mat I’ve been using. Whether you are a seasoned yogi, one of our many blog readers that practices yoga, you are new to yoga, or you just want to know about the best accessories on the market, you’ll benefit from this Gaiam yoga mat review. The main reasons we practice yoga in the first place is to build our overall strength and flexibility as well as improve our overall well-being. Achieving the best yoga workout honestly comes from being prepared. Now, I am not one to drag a bunch of accessories to class, a block, a couple straps and my trusty mat – that’s it. But let me just tell you first and foremost the mat is where it’s at peeps. Often times, I use just a mat. That, in my opinion should be the one accessory you focus on at first. Your yoga mat is the one item you will want to spend any extra money on. Of course, buy eco-friendly products always.

The latest mat I purchased was from Gaiam. This mat will be with me for as long as it can stand me. It’s perfect. There are many options when it comes to purchasing a yoga mat. I went with the Gaiam Sol Yoga Mat. The Sole mat comes in 7 different varieties depending on your practice style and focus. They are available in 1-8mm thickness. All are made with 100% natural rubber. My specific mat, the Suddha Eco Yoga Mat, is made from TPE, a material that is 100% recyclable and biodegradable. TPE also has a distinctive closed-cell structure, locking out moisture, odor and germs. Honestly, I have yet to try any of the other 6 styles of the Sol Yoga Mat at Gaiam, but I will tell you that they come in a style designed for most any yoga practicing human being. From beginners to advance yoga needs, hands down, this is the line of yoga mats to purchase from. Dollar spent versus quality, durability and value; this is my highest recommended mat I’ve used. The Sol line at Gaiam starts at $39.98 and the highest priced mat is $89.98. My mat (a good mid range, 4mm) was $39.98. Because you always find some sort of promo at Gaiam, you can typically get a percentage off and/or free shipping. I always check for sale updates too which are often at Gaiam! Now, I bought this specific mat because I am a huge fan of eco-friendly products and the fact that this specific mat (Sol Suddah) is made of TPE makes me happy. I also like the other benefits I get from TPE like the moisture lock. I sweat, we all sweat. This works for me.

Performance wise, I like a mid thickness (hence my 4mm mat selection). For me, it is just comfy enough yet provides the perfect resistance. They have ultra weight easy-to carry mats in the Sol line as well as luxurious thickness of 8mm (this mat boasts a slip resistant ability). Another huge consideration for this Gaiam yoga mat review is that Gaiam has a 100% Lifetime Guarantee and all mats (and other goodies). I honestly feel much better investing a couple bucks extra here and there when a Lifetime Guarantee is provided. I’m talking no questions asked guarantee too. Before you jump in and buy just any yoga mat think about what I’ve said. Here is where you can quickly find the Gaiam Sol Yoga Mats.

The natural rubber (which all the other Sol mats are made of) is part of Gaiam's Enviro-Fit series. It is created from natural rubber but offers the standard "sticky" surface for traction during asanas.



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