Garden Water Fountains - Why Not Go Solar?


As the summertime arrives, we find ourselves spending more time outdoors than most any other season. When heat comes we seek water. Some of us will head to the shore and water parks, others will spend time gardening and relaxing out of doors at home. Even if you live in the humidity of The South! If you are lucky, you’ll do a bit of all of these things this summer. If you are the gardening type that is looking for a new way to spruce up your patio courtyard or other relaxing spot, consider garden water fountains. In fact, how about a solar operated fountain that will save energy costs and create a soothing sound to lie in your hammock listening to? Oh, the possibilities for adding a simple garden fountain are many. Even if you have a fountain already, think about adding a new solar fountain water pump. Come on, I am a going green guru – of course I’m going to recommend you go green (and solar) at least with the fountain’s pump.

I for one am that sort of person who does spend as much time as possible outside, whether I am tinkering on my patio, enjoying a bit of gardening or spending time entertaining friends out of doors, I also like to create ambiance. I did just find and purchase a fountain that is solar operated. While I wasn’t able to settle on a fountain made from recycled materials, I at least found an amazing solar garden water fountain. Check it out! Hey, I’m working on the recycled materials part. I’ve been inspired by how easy it was to get this fountain in the mail (FREE) and simple installation makes me ready to by a solar fountain water pump to use with the next fountain I am planning to make myself. When I am done, you can completely expect me to write about and post photos!


For now, I truly enjoy the subtle sounds of water gently running over each of the cool ceramic pots in my current fountain. BTW, the sound of water flowing does not make me feel I have to go to the bathroom every five minutes either! Seriously, that was something a friend told be when she heard I was buying a garden water fountain. That gave me a chuckle. She will remain a friend - for now.

But seriously, whatever your style, garden interest or reasons for considering solar garden water fountains, least of which I hope is to save money and go green, I recommend you take a look at Serenity Health where I got mine. They shipped it free and that counts for a lot these days. Even if you check them out for inspirational ideas for your next water feature. I know that I’ve been inspired to relax at the very least. If any of you should purchase a solar fountain water pump to make your own recycled material fountain, I’d love to hear from you. Alas, I know the following video is a bit hokey, but at least you can see what I mean when I say “super easy to install”!



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Garden Water Fountains - Go Solar

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