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As eco-friendly products and lifestyle advocates here at, you know we are all about sharing the latest new affordable eco-products. For those of you that have yet to commit to buying eco-friendly paper towels, reusable cloth wipes and cleaning towels, we have the product that just might finally convince you to do so!

People Towels are the most recent alternative to buying eco-friendly paper towels on the market today. People Towels are made from 100% certified fair trade cotton! This innovative concept in sustainability even provides custom towels with your designs and photos printed (with eco-friendly ink) on them if you want. Whether you are in need of a new alternative to eco-friendly paper towels or just want a great travel wipe for on-the-go, People Towels are perfect. Speaking of on-the-go, we all are! But we don’t have to rely upon those public bathroom towels anymore thanks to this new product aimed at eliminating towels in public facilities, and even home. The cotton is super light weight, dries fast and is durable.


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People Towels are printed with eco-friendly dyes and colorings, and come in a wide range of designs sure to catch your eye. As I mentioned above, they even provide customization services! Your child's art, your drawings, even your favorite pet's photo can be used! People Towels are easy to wash in a washing machine and outlast many other cheap fabrics that do not pose eco-friendly aspects. As with most any eco-friendly ink, patterns fade after normal wear and tear. I recommend sticking with light, low key colors personally if you intend on using the same couple of towels continually. This eco-friendly paper towel and public restroom towel alternative is honestly a simple sustainable lifestyle change that anyone can (and everyone should) do to reduce their carbon footprint.

The commitment to going green and providing a quality alternative to eco-friendly paper towels doesn’t stop with awesome towels. People Towels helps organizations and schools raise money for the benefit of our environment. This company holds several coveted accreditations in the green business industry including a Green America Business Approval!


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