Eco-Friendly iPhone 4 Case - Why Are You Waiting?


You have an eco-friendly iPhone 4 case right? I mean, Siri doesn’t want to wear just any frock people. She doesn’t want to get contusions and abrasions every time you drop her carelessly on the asphalt either. Take care of Siri and she’ll give you all the correct answers you so seek. I kid! But she is a closeted eco-friendly supporter of all things green. Just ask her where the nearest organic grocery store is and she nails it every time. Just as you like the feel of organic cotton, she wants to wear eco-friendly iPhone covers. Yes, covers not cover. She has taste and likes change.

In all seriousness you may be thinking “come on Amy, why should I continue reading this. I don’t own an iPhone 4…” Well, you do have a phone, and whether it “smart” or not, you need to cover the darn thing. Why? Because these things are expensive to replace every time you drop them. We ALL drop our phones, and when we do, we DO NOT want them to break. There are a number of iPhone covers and cases on the market that claim to protect above and beyond the daily crap we put our phones through. But I found an amazing line of covers made right here in the USA called Trtlbot. All the plastic used to produce Trtlbot accessories either contain up-cycled PET recycled plastic bottles or BPA free recycled polypropylene plastic that is extremely durable, eco-friendly and comes in many makes and models, colors and designs. How befitting a name is Trtlbot? It’s like an eco-friendly phone cover with an eco-friendly turtle shell.


We all know yacking, messaging, and updating is a continual parade we march proudly in every day. That in itself is not the most eco-friendly thing to do (NOTE: ask your provider TODAY if they partner with companies like Renewable Choice Energy where users can opt-in to purchasing carbon offsets that fund the use of renewable wind energy). Yeah, we all use our phones most definitely more than we NEED to, that’s a whole new blog post my friends.

But for now, I want you to take a look at Trtlbot and the amazingly sleek designs this company has for everything from a new eco-friendly iPhone 4 case, KIDSAFE for iPhone 4/4s eco-covers, eco-friendly iPad covers and more. Whatever your function is they’ve got it covered - literally! Why bother with eco-friendly iPhone covers? Or any eco-friendly phone, tablet or whatever cover? Because you ARE going to cover your gadgets to protect them and doing so with plastics made from toxic junk chemicals is horrific when you think about the sheer number of phones and other gadgets walking around the planet. The impact is real. So, please support companies like Trtlbot that have created an eco-friendly alternative for toxic plastics. They have models starting under $20 bucks people! Take a look.



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