Fisheries Theory Scapegoating Whales Gets Debunked


June, 2008 | Posted by: Ry

Not sure if you've heard this one before, but apparently there is an argument coming from the likes of whaling nations like Japan and Norway that the reason fish stocks are declining is because of an increasing whale population. Not that it's hard to see through that one, but a recent scientific study has officially debunked this argument.

Based on the results of a study conducted at the University of British Columbia Fisheries Center, it's not the whales that are putting a dent in fish populations. Rather (and you could probably surmise this for yourself), it's us humans are putting the largest strain on fisheries.

Ever-so-willing to disseminate the results of the study were the Humane Society International, Lenfest Ocean Program and the World Wildlife Federation. Specifically, it's the over-catching of larger fish higher up on the food chain that is causing the most harm.

If you are interested in how you can do your part (besides going vegan, which would do the world a whole great of good), take a look at the Ocean Friendly Seafood Guide published by Oceana (this is an article describing it in more detail).


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