GE Going Solar With Renewable Energy Project


April, 2011

Even though General Electric (GE) has been under fire for its corporate income tax woes, they are kicking in big time to renewable energy projects.

Whatever you’re feeling may be about GE and the media coverage it has received for not paying corporate income taxes, but GE has been an amazing friend to the green energy movement.

GE bailed Enron Wind (Enron’s wind turbine division) out of bankruptcy and turned it into a massive worldwide wind turbine powerhouse.

Historically, GE has supported the commercialization of electrical cars. The company has committed to buying 25 thousand eclectic cars for business use.

Now GE has made its presence known in the solar energy industry by announcing massive plans for the future.

The giant worldwide corporation announced it will be going solar and will be building a 400 megawatt yearly production capacity thin-film solar production plant in the United States. This will be the biggest solar production plant in the United States. It is said to be creating some 400 new jobs. GE will publicize the plant location soon. There several different locations are promising and show potential.

A spokesperson for GE stated that the company was excited at the prospect to make further progress in the green energy industry. Going solar, the company is fully confident that green energy (in this case solar energy) is the future. The company is not only thrilled by the efficiency aspect of this new endeavor, but by just how fast the company plans to move to build the new plant.

The actual thin-film solar technology to be in production will be from a company GE holds a major stake in for the past 3 years, PrimeStar Solar. The technology to be used will be the solar company’s non-silicone cadmium-telluride (a very affordable solar technology) variety.

Additionally, GE announced that this renewable energy project will use cadmium-telluride technology already reached new heights for effectiveness. So, not only has it moved quickly into further green energy in its 3 years investing in PrimeStar, but it has taken the affordable technology aspect to a new level of success very quickly. GE says that a 1 percent increase in efficiency is equal to an approximate 10 percent decrease in system cost. The effectiveness of PrimeStar existing plants have already gone above and beyond the projected level of efficiency. This new prospect is great news indeed.

Here at, we are always excited to hear of new advancements in green energy, especially the money saving, planet loving kind. Solar power and renewable energy projects are fine examples of this indeed. Going solar, is going good!


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