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Congratulations, you've landed at yet another blog...but not just any blog. This here blog is the domain of our impassioned leader, Green Granny. Bringing you a kick of activist environmentalism and sustainability, Green Granny's blog is dedicated to reviewing green products, tipping you on best practices for living a sustainable life, and reporting on the newsworthy. And by newsworthy, we don' t mean the 6 O'Clock News. You know, the "news" that trys to instill fear and shock value? On this here page, you get nothing but news that aims to edify and enlighten...and when we're on our game, make you laugh. And when we're really on our game, make you laugh with lots of weird snorting, farting and belly cramps. What can we say, we like to aim for the stars.

An Eco-Friendly Paper Towel Alternative

make going green as easy as drying your hands! Well, this is a great paper towel alternative to those nasty public bathroom towels and a great cloth towel cleaning wipe made with fair trade more

Go Solar With Garden Water Fountains

It is summertime! Get outdoors. Play in your garden, make a garden. Relax with a really cool water feature that is eco-friendly, affordable and easy to more

TRTLBOT Eco-Friendly Smart Phone, iPad Covers

The plastic used to produce Trtlebot products contain up-cycled PET recycled plastic bottles or BPA free recycled polypropylene plastic. There is at least 1 recycled plastic bottle in more

Drinking Organic and Craft Beer

Do you partake in a beverage of ale occasionally? If so, have you ever considered spreading your wings and trying new and interesting beers? Here is a great article with a great suggestion on how you can quench your thirst the craft beer more

Gaiam Sol Yoga Mats

As I say all the time, a lot of our regular blog readers are into yoga, so this yoga mat recommendation is worth a look-se Greenies! You know your yoga mat is the most important accessory (and lifesaver) when you practice yoga. I have been using the Gaiam Sol Suddha Eco more

Yoga Download - Yoga Anywhere, Anytime!

Hello Greenies! I know a lot of our regular blog readers are into yoga, so this article will be appealing to all of you yogis out there no matter what level you practice. Yoga Download is one site you are going to want to visit after more

The iZen Bamboo Keyboard

Here is a great review of the first ever Bluetooth bamboo keyboard. Not only does the iZen bamboo Keyborad look cool, it is extremely well-designed for you personally, the planet, and your wallet. iZen doesn't stop more

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