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Many, many years ago, hemp was found to be very versatile and useful for making twine, thread, ropes and other great constructive, fabricating materials. Like bamboo, hemp makes a great wearable fabric that is softer than you might think. Men’s hemp clothing is extremely popular these days. Believe it or not, hemp clothing is relatively inexpensive due to abundance and ease of processing. We found some fantastic online companies that sell men’s hemp clothing and other great hemp products. Take a look..


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ELEMENT ECO WEAR carries on of the most people and earth-friendly clothing lines we've come across: The Earth Positive brand. Our top recommendation.


If you natural fiber clothing at all, you know hemp is similar to bamboo in many ways when it comes to clothing. Eco-loving men in particular love hemp and bamboo clothing. Above you will find the best places available to buy men’s hemp clothing. Below, we will give you a bit of information about hemp when used to make clothing.

Hemp is extremely easy to harvest and fashion into fabrics fro making clothing. It is sustainable and easy to regenerate. All of these attributes make men’s hemp clothing and other hemp clothing affordable. We haven’t even mentioned how soft and durable hemp clothing is yet either. What’s not to like about hemp, we don’t know yet?

When it comes to men’s clothing, wear ability and longevity are vital. Most men care more about being able to keep there favorite shirt than they do about how it may look. Thankfully, hemp looks good and lasts. So, no matter what your needs and interests in clothing are, hemp has the bases covered.

Here at, we love hemp because of the above attributes and because it is a green fabric. It is eco-friendly. Because it is so abundant its ability to thrive is not affected by harvesting (again, it is affordable for the same reason.

Now men’s hemp clothing is easy to find these days, but not all companies that sell hemp clothing are top-notch. The companies we recommend above are not in the hemp game to be cool or make a ton of cash by exploiting hemp. These companies are green businesses with amazing accreditations and reputations for selling the highest quality clothing for men (and women) made from hemp. Take a look above and browse the reviews. Then decide which men’s hemp clothing company you want to visit. Visit them all in fact. Whatever the case be, have fun looking. You never know the cool stuff you will find.