Find your home solar panel kits right here in this comprehensive directory. Here, we rate and review the best solar panel kits and we recommend the most affordable options that work the best in your home. Home solar panel kits are a great way to conserve traditional energy and save a ton of money down the road. Don’t forget the wonderful tax breaks you get when you add home solar panels kits either! Solar power your home and find great deals below…



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Home solar panel kits contain panels that are basic components of what is called a photovoltaic (PV) system. Companies such as Schott, GE, Evergreen, and Sharp, make home solar panel kits. Making your home run on solar power takes more than putting those panels up on the roof. There are many components involved. The kits we refer to in this directory include all you will need to get up and running. So, the panels themselves are only a part of what it takes to operate a PV system. In order to succeed, you will need a number of other components as well as a realistic evaluation of your solar energy goals versus current usage. All of the companies we recommend above all provide home solar power kits and appraisal recommendations.

To understand better what your expectations should be when using solar power kits, your existing usage is almost certainly the single most significant fact to bring into the discussion of buying a home solar panel kit. Knowing what you use now will let you to truthfully assess how many solar panels your kit should include.

In addition to the solar panels themselves, a quality PV system kit should include an inverter, battery storage and backup, and if possible a grid tie-in device. An inverter is needed because your panels will produce direct current, while your home uses discontinuous current. It is imperative to keep in mind that the conversion from DC to AC does take a voltage hit, so you will need to budget extra power to make certain that enough is left after the transfer to meet your wishes.

Lastly, the battery backup part of your home solar panel kit will let you to run off of solar power even when the sun is down. This is important as we all know most power usage in the typical home is between the early evenings to bedtime (hours when the sun is not present). Your home solar panel kits today have the backup necessary to store surplus power they produce in batteries and then use that power once it is needed 9such as during those peak after sun hours).

Now that you are loaded with great advice for your home solar panel kits purchase, head to the recommended stores above and get started on your journey to save energy, the planet, and your wallet.