Eco-friendly furniture comes in a variety is styles, shapes, sizes and colors! Did you ever think you could buy a hemp sofa? Organic and eco0friendly fracture is amazing and environ-saving to say the least. This directory sports furniture companies that sell amazingly high quality hemp sofa, club chairs, and other great hemp home furnishings. Specifically, they all have great hemp couches and furniture. You just have to see it to believe it.


Welcome to our hemp sofa directory for all of our peeps out there looking to make their house a bit hipper. Hemp furniture is all about remarkable style, sturdiness, sustainability and creating amazing home decor.

We are not going to preach that hemp sofas are the most inexpensive sofas on the market today. If you want cheap furniture, you’d be at the furniture store in your neighborhood! Hemp is not made-up on the cheap, so that is way you will find high quality when you buy hemp furniture for your house. Most hemp cloth and textile is organic, so that is wonderful news in itself. As with many goods in this world, you get what you pay for. But when you take into consideration that hemp is one of the easier fabricated organic, and or sustainable fabrics for furniture, you will note that the price is better than some of the other more uncommon, or hard to find eco-friendly furniture fabrics. Furthermore, a hemp sofa will far outlast your typical sofa. So, in the long run, the price is more comparable.

Hemp is one of the most long-lasting fabrics you can manufacture furniture from. It also happens to look incredible.

If you are new to hemp buying, you are/were possibly unaware by the fact that hemp is even a material in general. In fact, it is as multipurpose as any fabric and beyond. It is one of the most eco-friendly textiles on the market today. The greatest thing about hemp is that it is materialized naturally very without difficulty. It does not take a lot of harmful chemicals to create high quality hemp fabric.

When you are shopping for a hemp sofa, you will see that most hemp furniture is typically organic. Even the structure of the couch (the frame) can be made naturally and organically.

Take great delight by browsing the companies we recommend above. We find all of these companies to not only sell hemp sofas, but a good variety of other environmentally sound furniture and other green goods for your home. Not only do these excellent companies sell green home furnishings, they apply green business practices. You could easily find the perfect hemp sofa here!