Eco-friendly furniture is made out of many sustainable fabrics and materials. Hemp furniture is probably the most popular in the "green furniture" realm these days. Often totally organic, and durable, hemp furniture lasts a long time and can handle wear and tear amazingly. Why buy furniture that will not last long when you can buy furniture made from sustainable materials that look amazingly stylish. Hemp furniture is sure to start a conversation at your next home party...


Hemp furniture is all about amazing style, durability, sustainability and one heck of a good looking home. This directory was created for all of our visitors looking for high-quality, eco-friendly furniture at affordable cost.

We re not going to blow smoke and say all hemp furniture is inexpensive. It is not fabricated on the cheap, so that is way you will find high quality when you buy hemp furnishings for your home. Most hemp material and fabric is organic, so that is great in itself. As with most products in this world, you get what you pay for. But when you consider that hemp is one of the easier fabricated organic or sustainable materials for furniture, you will notice that the price is better than some of the other more rare, or hard to find eco-friendly furniture. Additionally, consider the fact that a hemp couch, for example, will outlast your typical $500 couch tenfold. Hemp is one of the most durable, lasting fabrics you can make furniture out of. It also happens to look amazing.

If you are new to the hemp industry, you are probably piqued by the fact that hemp is even a material altogether. Yup, it is as versatile as any fabric and then some. It is one of the greenest fabrics on the market today. The best part about hemp is that it is fabricated naturally very easily. It does not take a lot of harmful chemicals to create high quality hemp.

Hemp furniture manufacturing is typically organic, even the wooden frames can be made out of eco-friendly materials such as recycled wood and bamboo (another amazing fabric).

Please take a look at the reviews and companies we advocate above. We find all of these companies to not only carry hemp furniture, but a good variety of eco-friendly furniture and other products for your home. Not only do these fine companies sell eco-friendly home furnishings, they practice green business as well. Just check out there amazing credentials and see why we highly recommend these companies for anyone looking to go green in the home.