Gettin' Down With the Green Granny


Green Granny represents the product approval team, which uses a set of stringent, non-greenwashing guidelines for approving businesses that receive our Greenie Certification, and which are listed in our natural products store directory - spanning everything from organic clothing retailers to eco building products.

So what does "Greenie Certified" truly mean, and why should you believe that it's not just some sort of greenwashing certification?

First of all, we are all about fostering transparency, transparency, transparency. If our review team cannot verify accreditations and claims made by a store, the store simply doesn't get approved. It's that simple. We invite you, rather, encourage you to check for yourself. While it would be an honor to have you just take our word for it, we can totally understand if you need to count the beans for yourself. We won't be offended. We promise.

Secondly, when searching for stores to bestow our Greenie Certification upon, we give preference to businesses that are members of best practice trade bodies, like Green America, Fair Trade Federation, Organic Trade Association and Carbon You can rest assured that merchants holding accreditations with these esteemed organizations are the real thing. It's no easy task to receive Green America's Seal of Approval. These accreditations speak for themselves, and you'll see many stores at with such accreditations. In other words, we do the legwork in scouting out the greenest establishments for you...not to mention we have a great eye for spotting greenwashing.

All stores that are approved and reviewed in our directory must carry - at a minimum - products that are 100% natural, non-animal tested, and free of ingredients proven harmful to you and the environment, such as PVC, heavy metals, artificial fillers and preservatives, and synthetic ingredients often found in personal care products, like parabens, and petroleum derived chemicals. We place a preference on merchants that carry organic certified products (certifications by the USDA, Quality Assurance International, Oregon Tilth), products with recycled materials, and those that are sustainably harvested/manufacturered with little to no impact on the environment.

Furthermore, we also look beyond what it means to be Organic and Fair Trade Certified. We are committed to supporting small farms and local businesses, who although might not have the resources to get an organic certification, are nonetheless committed to sustainable and holistic living.  Only after having done a thorough investigation, including a direct correspondence with these types of businesses will we consider recommending them on our site. During all of our travels, whether it's attending "green expos" like, we are always on the lookout for sustainable businesses.

In other words, we only recommend the freshest, healthiest and most environmentally friendly and sustainable products being sold on the Web. This is important, because there are many companies seeking to take advantage of the healthy lifestyle market, but in reality, do not abide by the principles of what it truly means to be non-toxic, holistically healthy, organic, 100% natural and environmentally sustainable.

Furthermore, our Greenie Seal of Approval means we will never recommend anything to you in order to make a quick buck. We didn't start this website to become rich from advertising fees. We started it because of values. A better way of consuming. A better way of doing business.

That said, we guarantee your satisfaction at all of the green online retailers listed at If not, we want to hear about it.

In the meantime, just look for the Greenie Certified Seal of Approval...and go can take our word for it.

For additional questions (other than giving you an astrological reading), please don't hesitate to Contact Save With Green

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