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Get your working boots on and tool belts out - It's nigh time we start greening up some homes and buildings! Most of us know by now that one of the most toxic places to be is actually inside our own homes! Scare-tactics aside, green home building products, including everything from eco-friendly, low VOC paint and soy-based concrete stain to bamboo hardwood flooring and home solar panels, are what you will find at the following top-rated green home building product stores.



Great Selection of eco-friendly carpet, carpet cleaners, sealants and paint


NEUTRAL EXISTENCE offers a great selection of solar products and weatherization supplies

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Green Building Products @ GreenLivingEveryday are GREEN GRANNY APPROVED


Summary Store Reviews:

Whether you're building a new home, moving into a new home or renting out a studio apartment, green home building products are always worth using. Eco friendly in the sense that green building products are not manufactured with toxic, high-pollution, high-energy procedures, nor are they loaded with volatile organic compounds (VOC's), green building products are both sustainable and healthy enough for you and your family.

Neutral Existence is one of the only online destinations carrying large-scale wind turbines and one of handful of sites selling home solar panel kits. Neutral Existence is a one-of-a-kind store committed to saving on energy and, well, living a Carbon neutral existence. A great selection of green home energy saving products and renewable battery inverters/chargers also stock the online shelves at Neutral Existence. A great website to learn how to turn your home green and save lots of energy.

AM Conservation Group offers one of the largest selections of home weatherization supplies, energy efficient light bulbs and energy conservation kits that we've come across. A leading partner with the U.S. Energy Star Program, AM Conservation Group is another outstanding resource for learning the myriad of ways to build and renovate your home into an eco friendly, non-toxic home. Find everything from pipe and hot water insulators, to vent covers and air deflectors here.

Solar Sphere has been in the solar power business since 1998 (before it was fashionable), and is absolutely one of the best comprehensive online destinations for off-grid and home solar panel kits. This Colorado-based company offers easy-to-install solar power kits that will save homes and businesses thousands in energy costs, and in some cases, even allow power to be sold back to the grid. Solar Sphere offers a 30-day return policy, although we're confident you won't need to use it. Visit Solar Sphere for green home solar panels.

Green Nest is an all-in-one green super store carrying a large line of non-toxic adhesives and sealants, finishes, paints and carpet sealers. Their brands of choice are Safe Choice and Safe Coat, which makes one of the best zero VOC eco-friendly paints on the market. And Green Nest offers one of the largest and most affordable selections of the Safe Coat brand, allowing customers to create, mix and match colors, as well as peruse full product specs. Check out the great selection of Zero VOC paints at Green Nest