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Royal Jelly & Beehive Products: Energy Elixir


Some of the healthiest vitamin supplements come from bees - honey being certainly the most commonly used. However, did you know there are three other beehive products which you can take to boost your immune system and energy levels, fight allergies, treat ailments and improve your overall health?

Ingested or applied to the skin, beehive products are loaded with vitamins, minerals and essential amino acids. What's even better is that the harvesting techniques does not hurt the benefactors of beehive products - the bees themselves! In addition to honey, the three other highly revered beehive products are Royal Jelly, Bee Pollen and Propolis. We'll talk about Royal Jelly in this tip (there's so much to talk about) and go into more depth for Propolis and Bee Pollen in future tips.

First off, what is Royal Jelly? Well, the clue is in the name itself. All beehives have their Queen, who you might know, is the central focus of the entire beehive. That's because the Queen lays approximately 2,500 eggs per day, thus ensuring the survival of the entire bee colony. Indeed, if the Queen bee dies, the entire colony will go under. Not only does the Queen have a remarkable fertility rate (don't won't be having tons of babies if you take Royal Jelly), she is 50% larger than the other bees and lives ten times longer than worker bees (five years compared to six weeks).

Much of what is attributed to the Queen Bee's remarkable longevity and endurance is a milky white substance inside the beehive, which worker bees synthesize from honey. The Queen Bee subsists entirely upon this substance, obviously thus correlating her impressive physical attributes with the milky white substance, which we now adoringly refer to as Royal Jelly.

Although it can't be said with certainty that one particular component of Royal Jelly is the source of its "elixir" power, many studies conclude its the high concentration of amino acids that make Royal Jelly a powerful food and vitamin supplement. The primary chemical composition of beehive Royal Jelly is approximately 67% water, 12-15% carbohydrates (energy), 12% protein, 6% lipids, a high concentration of B Vitamins (more energy), and 15% aspartic acid, which is vital for cell regeneration and tissue building. Most importantly, Royal Jelly has seventeen different amino acids, with all eight essential amino acids. Remember, essential amino acids are not generated by the human body, but must be ingested from a natural food source.

While Royal Jelly can be used for a number of health concerns, most people take it for energy and stamina. The icing on the cake is that Royal Jelly has been associated with many positive benefits, including healthier skin, hair, nails, bones and joints, a stronger immune system, sexual vitality (impotence), improved cardiovascular health, hormonal regulation (weight regulation being just one manifestation), lower cholesterol and blood pressure (great for diabetics), improved memory, strengthened liver functioning and improved mental health (treating depression and anxiety).

When taken with other beehive products, Royal Jelly has an even greater impact, for understandably, a synergy exists between all four substances (Royal Jelly, Propolis, Bee Pollen and Honey). Another thing worth noting about Royal Jelly is that it doesn't have to be taken in a "fresh" frozen state (due to its water content). Freeze drying removes the water content without the use of chemicals, nor does it harm any of the nutrients present in the fresh Royal Jelly.

Not only does freeze dried Royal Jelly have a longer shelf life than refrigerated Royal Jelly (three to four years opposed to one), it is much more affordable. There are several schemes out there charging an arm and a leg for "fresh" refrigerated Royal Jelly, but in reality, all the added cost is going to the special packaging and shipping. There is no added nutritional benefit to refrigerated Royal Jelly.

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