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Lookin' Good & Feelin' Good With Vitamins!


We cannot overstate how much of an effect our physical health and energy level has on our mental and spiritual bodies (Thus, the holistic connection). Taking vitamins and minerals is in keeping with this holistic approach to living an all-around healthy life. Whether used to prevent or treat specific health conditions, vitamins and minerals begin their work at the cellular level, which just so happens to be one of the primary levels at where all manner of disease and sickness is treated and cured. That being said, we decided here at that a tips and articles section devoted just to vitamins and minerals would be a must if we dared to call ourselves a green guide to healthy living. There are entire magazines, books and mini-encyclopedias that are all about vitamins and minerals. Besides the fact there are tons of vitamins and minerals to cover, there is also tons to discover about them in terms of their natural food sources and multitude of benefits. This is precisely what we aim to do with our vitamins and minerals tips. Even if its one vitamin at a time!