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Vegn Diet Menu Tips


In a world where so many diet fads come and go, we can't help but look for a stable eating lifestyle that will last forever. Not just a diet, a lifestyle that is healthy (when done properly, more on that later). Many celebrities eat from a complete vegan diet menu (well they have chefs that supply that menu). As more and more people living in the United States are turning to vegan diets, we wonder first if it is a trend or do they know something we don't. No we don't mean vegetarian, we mean vegan here folks – even though there are several common factors between the two.

Well if you are new to a vegan lifestyle, curious about a vegan diet, or are wondering about vegan diet menus and what foods are not on them, this article is for you. Becoming vegan is more than a diet, it is a lifestyle really. There is more to it  than what you are eating and noting eating from a menu, it is about what you believe in when it comes to eating anything animal related.

Vegan lifestyle tips are popping up everywhere and countless books are being published surrounding the vegan lifestyle.

Not only do vegans not eat meat, they take it to the next level and do not eat seafood either. Vegan diet menus do not have items containing dairy either (milk, eggs). In fact, if it comes from an animal, it is not going to be on a vegan diet menu. Not even insect products folks.

Keeping these restrictive ingredients in mind, this is a gratifying diet and lifestyle, but proper vitamin intake is vital for your continued health. While you can get a balanced diet becoming vegan, it is still very important to keep an eye on vitamins - especially your B12 and protein levels.

Following health diet menu recommendations, such as vegan diets, that put emphasis on vegetables, a vegan diet menu omits some of the most obvious unhealthy foods such as butter (dairy) and ground beef (meat). However there are the less obvious omissions to a vegan menu such as mayonnaise and marshmallows. Those who are vegan stress that it is more about ingredients than what you cannot eat in a vegan lifestyle.

Ok, so here are the top items you will not see on a vegan diet menu:

Meat, seafood, dairy products, honey (bees), beer (there are some vegan brands though), eggs, certain sugars (char), bread, salad dressing.

The reason being is that fiber, which is higher in a vegetarian diet, keeps testosterone levels from rising too high. A vegetarian diet also readjusts body chemistry by activating noradrenaline and thyroid, both of which stimulate metabolism. In other words, you will have more energy and will certainly shed some pounds if your body needs to. Seriously guys, going vegetarian is one of the wisest things you can do to make a change in your life.

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