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Why Vegan Skincare Matters


Being a vegetarian or vegan stretches beyond the menu at the table and what’s in the refrigerator. There are more than a handful of ways to practice veganism and support non-meat-eating lifestyles, dairy – no dairy and so on. More than ever, personal care companies have realized this. Historically, most people who do not eat meat and/or dairy, were forced to depend upon a very small selection of consumer products supporting their lifestyle outside of the kitchen (if you know what I mean). Thankfully, companies like JUARA botanical skincare exist. We’ve tried and tested this 100% vegan skincare line of amazing products and would like nothing better than to share our findings with you.

Above and beyond the fact that this is a 100% vegan skincare line providing truly high-quality products, this company’s philosophy is admirable at the very least. JUARA was created on the basis that its founding members realized at the time that skincare offerings did not have solutions that were rooted in history and simple to use. Instead of sticking to the basics, most skincare lines overcomplicated the consumer’s daily routine with rituals that were anything but natural and made products that contained way too many toxic chemicals.

Realizing that being 100% vegan doesn’t sacrifice quality or performance, four young friends decided to bring back historical skincare traditions by developing products that fuse the active botanicals of Indonesian herbal recipes with Western science to make skincare products that symbolize the best of both, the east and west.

Why vegan skincare? Even though many people eat healthy, many times they put toxins in their body by unwittingly using harmful skin care products. Reading the labels on your skin care products is just as important as understanding the ingredients in the foods you eat.

What’s the big deal about skin? The US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) has done extensive studies showing that levels of toxic metals and pesticides can be found in the blood and urine of many US citizens. Dangerous chemicals are found in most skin care products including soaps, shower products, and creams and lotions – especially age defying products (which is such an oxymoron to me). Because our skin is so absorbent, over a period of years of applying these products directly on your skin, the buildup of these toxins the CDC speaks of occurs in the system. Like the foods we eat are absorbed, the skincare products we use are absorbed. This is why vegan skincare and organic skincare products are so important.

Not only is the skin highly absorbent (I've even read research results denoting that the products you rub into your skin cab absorb in your system within a few minutes) but your skin is actually your body's biggest organ and is used for elimination of toxins – and should not be a source for adding them! This is the main reason I am passionate about JUARA vegan skincare in particular. JUARA is not a huge corporation trying to get in on the green scene by producing a few vegan skincare products to add to there inorganic counterparts like you see so many other brands doing that you find in the big box stores. JUARA uses active botanicals such as tamarind, rice, turmeric, candlenut oil (love this stuff!), healing teas and red sandalwood in their products. What I also like about JUARA’s vegan skincare products is that this company uses time-honored recipes for skin health and well-being with the best in modern technology and innovation to deliver effective skincare treatments of the highest quality I’ve seen and used. My biggest recommendation is to buy the candle nut products first and foremost as I know you will love the indulgence as I have. TIP: JUARA sends free samples with your order all the time!

Author: Amy Wermuth


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