Meditate Anywhere You Want!


most people meditation is a ritual of sorts. In its most formal sense, meditation might be an act of sitting down in a quiet and private place, burning some incense and perhaps doing a cycle of chants. And while this type of setting is very conducive to meditating, it is not absolutely necessary. You might find it hard to conceive, but you can meditate online or even while sitting on the toilet if need be. Believe me, I've done it. Yes indeed, meditation can be done just about anywhere.

The way I like to think of "meditation" is that it is a communion with one's inner self. It is an act of emptying oneself, silencing the inner world and getting in touch with one's conscience or true self.

Certainly, there are many different forms of meditation. Transcendentalism, for instance, may not be a form of meditation you are comfortable doing in the public park. And you can't always start chanting while walking down the aisle of the grocery store. In other words, depending on your level of focus, a certain degree of privacy is certainly needed for meditating.

Yet the fact remains that most of us could use a good charge in the middle of the day or during an unexpected "crisis". How many times have you been in a situation where you feel your emotional center getting out of whack, negative feelings creeping in and a general sense of stress, tiredness or irritability wash over you, all the while thinking that if only you had a moment to yourself you could get centered again?

Welcome to the club if this sounds all too familiar. Rather than surrender to these circumstances, make a stand and use your creativity and resourcefulness to find a moment to meditate. Even if you have to excuse yourself and go into the stairwell of your office building, all you need is a few minutes to close your eyes, do some deep-breathing, empty your thoughts and focus on your spiritual objectives, goals or whatever else instills positive vibrations in your Being.

Simply close your eyes and visualize yourself getting through the day with a smile on your face and love for all of humanity. The more you remind yourself to go to this place of Oneness, and follow up by doing so, the more consistent and steady you will become in all areas of your life.

There should be nothing embarrassing about taking an "emergency meditation" if you will. We are constantly doing things throughout the day to give ourselves physical pick-me-ups - coffee being one of the most obvious.

Why not do the same for our spiritual selves? If we stop to put as much importance on our inner life and needs as we do on our physical selves, we will see a great improvement in how we feel and view the world around us, as well as how the world views us in the grand scheme of things. Wouldn't it be great to walk into a Starbucks and see everybody at the counter sitting erect with their eyes closed, palms in their lap and a cup of Joe sitting to the side? You never know!

Author: Ry