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Tips for a Healthy, Green, Spiritual Holiday


Healthy holidays are about more than just healthy holiday eating, and being the "greenest" you can; They are about staying happy, steering clear of the flu, remaining stress free, and reflecting on what’s important and the true meaning of each holiday you celebrate.

And you can achieve all this even without burying yourself in a huge piece of pie. Before you get caught up in the hoopla of this year’s holiday spending and party-going, check yourself with these super simple tips. We’ll even touch on the green way to enjoy healthy holidays.

The Holiday Season, as festive as it is, can leave you over committed, bloated from stuffing yourself, and even depressed when the weather gets too cold and the sunshine is limited. All of these things intertwine and could cause weight gain and illness. To combat the blues and remain a happy, healthy holiday observer, you really only need to practice a few simple tips.

Healthy holiday eating, drinking and reflection are vital for a stress free holiday season. Just as you are eco-minded, be self-minded and remain mindful of your habits. Do not over eat foods or over indulge in sweets. This can be tricky as food and treats are literally everywhere this time of year. Remember, you are typically less active during the colder months, and food is more likely to pack on the weight during this time of the year. Cocktail parties and get-togethers are enticing and can be a bad influence when it comes to drinking in excess. If you are hosting an event for the holidays, healthy holiday eating is as easy as offering healthier foods to your guests. While an amazing cup of organic eggnog is a delight, eggnog is a rich treat and if it has been spiked with alcohol, it becomes more unhealthy. Enjoy eggnog and adult beverages, but never in excess. Hangovers only slow you down and you have way too many things to do instead of getting sick and perhaps driving while under the influence.

Keep in mind that even if your “back to the basics” mentality and true reflection of a holiday’s real meaning is not overly popular with the ones you buy gifts for and spend time with over the holidays, you are doing yourself a huge favor either way right? Why buy an over-rated gift for an under-rated recipient? We typically spend holiday time with close friends and family, they benefit from your healthy holiday behaviors whether they know it or not anyway. Maybe you will even inspire yourself and other to enjoy healthy holiday eating, gifting, and well-being year around.

Do not over commit yourself. Spend your time wisely. Plan ahead and do not stress your self out buy running all over town to do “this” or “that”. Do not wait until the last minute. This is way too stressful on your body and creates havoc on your well-being (physically and mentally). Remember, if your mind is clear, healthy holidays are much easier to achieve.

Make time for exercise. Yes, you are a busy bee, but exercise helps release stress and enables you to take an extra bite here and there. Herbal remedies for mood enhancement are a healthy holiday alternative to pharmaceuticals and alcohol consumption. Get the proper amount of sleep. Again, a little planning and remaining organized will leave plenty of time for rest and even exercise. Stay hydrated. When you are on the go have water readily available. Over indulging in coffee to stay perky is not always the best answer either. If you do drink coffee, refrain from all those season drinks with extra toppings. Ditch the whip cream already and enjoy the natural flavor of coffee.

These healthy holiday tips and healthy holiday eating reminders may seem simple, but practicing them is a whole other thing completely.

Remember what is important and the real reason we celebrate these holidays. Reflection and appreciation for the true meaning of a holiday is always more important than buying overpriced gifts. Share the knowledge of “getting back to the basics” when you spend time with loved ones over the holiday season. A healthy mind is just as important as remaining flu-free. When you do buy gifts for the holidays, make them thoughtful and mindful of our environment. Make the gifts you give complement the “back to basics” attitude. This is not an excuse for being cheap; it is a way to be mindful.

Above and beyond remaining healthy physically, implement as many green practices as you can into the holidays especially when you are being so social at this time of year. Talk about these things. Be subtle, don't be subtle...whatever. There is no better time to spread the "recycling bug" than when so much waste is taking place. Let's face it, the non-eco-friendly wrapping paper still being used alone is a huge waste of trees right? Happy Holidays from all of us here at SaveWithGreen.com. Be safe, be healthy, go green!

Author: Amy Wermuth