Stressed? Tap in and Stretch it Out!


There are a lot of great tips out there on how we can save energy. But, what about our own positive energy?

Our own happiness and peacefulness can seem like a non-renewable resource on a particularly stressful day. And let's face it, its pretty hard to afford the rest of the world and our neighbors goodwill if our stores are drained and we can't seem to muster loving energy for our own selves. So here's a quick way to get you tapped back into the light and goodness that is always flowing within you and around you.

Just when you feel stress or insecurity start to get the better of you, steal away to as quite or private spot as you can find. Close your eyes and focus on what it is that seems to be stressing you out or bringing up those insecurities.

Once you have those things forward in your mind, begin to shake, dance, or stretch them out. This works by imagining that with every shake, hip rotation, or muscle release that that stress, or better yet, your attachment to it, evaporates out of you and into a neutral positive energy.

As you feel this transformation take place from within every part of your body (be sure not to neglect stress stores like you neck, shoulders, and middle back) and a smile creep on to your face, take a moment, breathing deeply, to think of all of the goodness and light inside you, and of all of the love you have for the world and people around you. Give special attention to focusing that love on the very things or people that had a part in evoking those insecurities inside you. Love them for the beautiful opportunity that they have given you to better yourself and your capacity to share love's light.

Lastly, cherish yourself for having the ability to address these things, and for having the desire to grow and to strengthen our ability to love. Now, open your eyes. Go back into the world, allowing all of the good energy that's been fostered within you, to radiate from you. Imagine as you walk past or near others, that there is a magnetic field of love that is being exchanged between you and them. Repeat as often as needed. And above all, keep your loving, forgiving, and empathetic sense of humor.

Author: Shannon Dabannon