Recycle Your Old Cell Phones and PDA's


In this information age of technology, it seems like just about everything can (and should) be recycled.

In terms of electronics and eWaste, which is the fastest growing form of waste in the world currently, the necessity for recycling is clear as day. Cell phones alone contribute to a large percentage of electronic waste and also pose a great risk for toxic metal environmental pollution. Not only do PDA's and cell phones leak Lead, Mercury, Arsenic and Cadmium into the water supply, if incinerated, which many municipalities do to their waste, these toxic metals go back into the Earth's atmosphere and return once again via rain water.

Now, the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency is waking up to the rising danger of toxic metal cell phone pollution. Thanks to the EPA's "Plug-In to eCycling" campaign, recycling your cell phone is easier than buying a cell phone. In fact, recycling your cell phone is easier than making pancakes. Okay, I suppose that depends on whether or not we're talking about an instant pancake mix, but you get the point.

Since 2003, Plug-In to eCycling has recycled more than 142 million pounds of electronics. And now that cell phones are becoming as household as...well, a toothbrush, not to mention the fact that cell phone manufacturers are coming out with new models every year, Plug-In to eCycling has made cell phone recycling a top priority.

The EPA has already set up thousands of cell phone drop-off centers throughout the U.S. to help in collecting the one billion cell phones that are thrown out every eighteen months. That's right. One billion cell phones get thrown away every eighteen months. If we recycled just 1/10 of this (100 million cell phones), there would be enough saved energy to power 194,000 homes in the U.S. for an entire year.

Check the EPA's website, to find your nearest drop-off center. Even better, you can help benefit a charity or save rainforest land by donating your cell phone to CollectiveGood, which generates charitable funds by recycling your cell phone.

CollectiveGood will have you fill out a donation form to a charity of your choice, ranging from Adopt an Acre of Rainforest programs to the Humane Society. All you have to do is mail your cell phone or PDA in and you'll help to make a huge difference. Speaking of rainforests - on a side note - if you do indeed have an interest to help protect and save the world's rainforests, check out SaveYourWorld, where proceeds of every purchase of their 100% natural personal care products go to saving the earth.

Author: Ry