Natural and Organic Skincare Versus a Scalpel


I want to talk a bit about natural and organic skin care versus radical and toxic beauty treatments and daily regimes. I was just sampling some skin care products by Essona Organics and Organic Beauty Now and it got me thinking. We live in the most egotistical times concerning physical beauty. Unfortunately many of us fall into a trap thinking we must have some sort of plastic surgery to enhance our beauty. Maybe a little Botox could make you feel young? Notice I just said “feel” and not “look”. The mind has a terrible hold on our perception of beauty. Perhaps you are thinking a nip here…and a tuck there. When will this tragic way of thinking ever stop?

The truth of the matter is that taking proper preventative care of your skin and overall health is the healthiest way to go – both mentally and physically. Think of the implications stressing about your looks puts on your body. Worrying whether you are as good looking as the person standing next to you does stem from insecurity. I also understand that self-worth and security does not need to come from a bottle of organic beauty care, but using an organic beauty care regime is certainly much healthier than undergoing plastic surgery or a toxic chemical beauty treatment. Alas, not all of us truly think the way I do.

I could honestly spend hours trying to explain the damage we have done to our psyche where the rat-race-and-chase to obtain what we perceive to be physical beauty is concerned. Instead, because I do believe in taking care of my skin, and I do believe there are benefits to taking care of your skin and body that reach far beyond trying to look hot and looking young, I will recommend organic and natural skin care products instead of a scalpel – any day, any time.

My recommendation for using an organic beauty care regime is not based at all upon any desire to look better than the person standing next to me. The main reasons I have for using organic beauty care and organic skincare like the products I have been trying from Essona Organics and companies like Organic Beauty Now are simply because toxic chemicals are NOT the right way to go and plastic surgery is not the answer either. Yes, we should maintain our skin’s health, but trying to obtain results by using toxic chemicals and resurfacing products is just a bad idea. Going under the knife for beauty is absolutely unnatural and as far away for organic as I could even explain to anyone considering this type of false solution.

Where to Buy

Now if you are reading this article because you want to try an organic beauty care daily product, or have considered toxic chemical peels and other unnecessary routes to get healthier looking skin, I have to honestly advocate you put forth effort to eat well, exercise and use natural and organic products on your skin to maintain healthy even youthful looking skin. Of course the sooner you start taking proper care of your skin the better – for better results. But remember, if you already feel you are at point of no return, have already missed the window period for maintaining beautiful skin and want to try a radical treatment, perhaps you just need to look inward to see what real, true and healthful beauty consists of. For those looking to maintain their skin health, I can only say go natural – go organic. Organic skin care and beauty products are as effective as toxic chemicals (It hurts to even type "effective" and "chemical" in the same sentence) and they do not contain inactive fillers. Remember, the root ingredient in most all skincare is a derivative of an natural ingredient (a plant or herb) at its most organic form anyway. Why the need for chemicals? Try Essona Organics and certainly take a look at Organic Beauty Now.

Author: Amy Wermuth