Green Wedding Events: Plan Your Eco Event


If you've ever been married before, you probably know just how much of an "industry" the act of matrimony has become. Especially if you hosted a large wedding, you will be able to vouch for the amount of time, energy and money that goes into planning a successful wedding event. There's the wedding space, reception space, the photographer, food, flowers, wedding cake, rings, wedding dress...the list goes on.

A wedding can truly be an event of prodigious proportions. And while you and your wedding planner (if you can even afford a planner on top of everything else) will be putting lots of energy into making it the most beautiful and perfect wedding ever, have you stopped to think about how much actual "energy" goes into the material production of your wedding, and consequently, its CO2 emissions? That's right. A wedding can leave a huge Carbon footprint.

But it doesn't have to, for you can have your very own green eco wedding. Green wedding planners are becoming more common these days as the demand for sustainability in every area of our lives has grown tremendously. I remember attending a green expo event in Washington D.C. recently and coming across several green wedding specialists. But if you are like me (at least when I got married), then the cost of using a green wedding planner may not be a feasible option.

You may just have to do it yourself. If so, no worries - Here are some great ways to make your wedding an eco-conscious, environment-loving green wedding to be remembered for the Ages:

The best thing you can do is to go "local" as much as possible. This means getting your cake from a nearby bakery (simply ask them to use organic ingredients), choosing a nearby florist - preferably one with a selection of seasonal and organic flowers that were grown local, rather than being imported, as well as going with a local brewery or winery for supplying the must-have alcoholic drinks at your reception.

Another great idea is to set up your gift registry's at green superstores, like Nubius Organics (check this place out for some unique eco-gifts). And if you are expecting lots of company from out of town, you might want to inform people in your wedding invitations (recycled paper wedding invitations, that is) about offsetting their traveling Carbon footprints by making a donation to the Nature Conservancy or other green-minded non-profit. Consider Delta Airlines - They offer Carbon Offsets for every airline ticket purchase.

You should also consider purchasing a second-hand/used wedding gown, renting tuxedo's/suits, and to purchase wedding rings/jewels that were ethically mined in sustainable regions.

Wouldn't you believe there is a great place you can go online for eco friendly, no-conflict diamons, let alone a land-based jewelry shop? Check out Pure Life Diamonds. Other than that, think of your wedding as you would remodeling your home. While in the planning stage, simply ask yourself, Is there a more sustainable way of doing this? If so, get'er done!

Author: Amy Wermuth