The NatureMill ULTRA - Indoor Composter


If you are reading this article, chances are you already know about composting, its benefits and importance. What you may not already know is how advanced technology has become involving composting. We bought one that was recommended to us by one of our blog readers and put it through some use to see if it would be the one we would recommend the most - and it is indeed. The NatureMill ULTRA is the latest, most technologically innovative NatureMill composter model available today. The ULTRA has numerous improved features over previous NatureHill composter models like improved capacity, a stainless steel exterior (we all love stainless steel) and this model is super quiet – the perfect indoor composter.

The NatureMill ULTRA is a continuous-use composter, making it extremely convenient. You are able to add additional food scraps while the composting process is already underway. Another super convenient feature that makes this the best indoor composter and perfect for the kitchen is that he lower chamber contains the finished compost until you are ready to use it. For your furthered convenience, a red light turns on when the bottom chamber is full – letting you know when the compost is ready.

When using this automatic composter (consistent, yet average use) we were able to get a little more than a gallon of compost produced. This model could even turn out more, depending upon your usage. Larger families could see upwards of four gallons of compost from the ULTRA indoor composter. You are able to increase the heat for faster production should you need to. NatureMill provides a permanent filter with this indoor, automatic mode that does not need replacement and this is a money saving feature – you know we are all about saving money at

During our review time putting this model through the paces, we used sawdust pellets for facilitation. We’ve added a video to show you first hand what this model looks like and how easy it is to use (see below).

As eco-friendly consumers and product reviewers here at, we considered traditional outdoor composting versus indoor composters (considering energy usage) and must say that a minimal 5 watt (about $6 bucks a years to operate) usage is worthy of our green stamp of approval. Further consideration for urban greenies that have no balcony or yard to speak of was also a factor in our recommendation of this specific indoor model. Although this model could be used outside on a balcony or in a garage. There is even an energy saving mode for even less energy use.

Honestly, the only reservation we ever even had about indoor composters, automatic composters, and kitchen models was energy usage and we have to say that this NatureMill ULTRA composter model is amazingly energy efficient. Even keeping it clean is easy. The stainless steel is finger-print proof and wiping it down with a moist towel (and wiping the hopper) is about all you really need to do. At press time there is a special going on here at Earth Easy for this specific model. ***FREE SHIPPING*** LIMITED TIME OFFER: Buy a NatureMill and receive a Water Saving Swivel Faucet Aerator and a pack of Skoy Cloths FREE.

Author: Green Granny - Green Product Certifier