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Homeopathic Properties of Olive Leaf


If you are searching for a holistic and natural way to build your immune system, clear and brighten your complexion and put an end to skin irritation, you should consider using the olive leaf extract Oleuropein. A natural, homeopathic pathogen, this extract has been used to treat everything from fevers and ulcers to burns and cholera. The way it works is that after being ingested, the body turns Oleuropein into a chemical called elenolic acid. This is a strong anti-pathogenic agent that does wonders in treating the common flu and cold, not to mention keeping the immune system at its peak in defending itself of disease-causing pathogens.

Although it has long been known that olive leaf is a powerful medicinal herb, let's just say that a sound extraction of olive leaves has been lacking for some time. As early as biblical days, olive leaf has been cited for its medicinal properties. A common ingredient in folk remedies, medical records of the nineteenth century show olive leaves were used to successfully fight malaria and helped increase blood flow in the coronary arteries. Modern research has also found Oleuropein to be a natural, safe and effective herbal medicine, but with one drawback - the extract does not remain effective in the body for more than a few minutes. The prestigious pharmaceutical manufacturing company, Upjohn, attempted to create a stable extract but to no avail, eventually abandoning the project.

However, soon after Upjohn's failed attempts, another company, East Park Research, was successfully able to preserve the homeopathic qualities of Oleuropein. In fact, the extraction process is so unique, it has been given a U.S. patent. Retaining more of the natural therapeutic compounds found in olive leaves, this extraction process uses a freeze drying technology in preparing olive leaf derived d-Lenolate® in capsule form. An entirely vegetarian capsule with no binders and fillers, we highly recommend East Park Research products and their patented d-Lenolate® extraction.

In addition to d-Lenolate® capsules for homeopathically fighting viruses, East Park Research naturally manufactures an anti-acne soap bar with d-Lenolate® and anti-inflammatory skin creams. Products without d-Lenolate® include a proprietary energy formula with the element Indium, and a herbal formulary proven to help lower blood pressure (containing Alpha lipoic acid, Agaricus Blazeii (mushroom extract), Manapol (from aloe), Fenugreek, Coenzyme 10, Selenium, Chromium, Vitamins C & E, and Vanadium).

Author: Ryan the Hawaiian Lion