Herbal Antibiotics and the Immune System


Have you ever noticed reluctance from your Doctor when it comes to prescribing antibiotic medications? While not going so far to say that your Doctor should not prescribe antibiotics, because let's face it, antibiotics are life saving drugs, due to a growing dependency on antibiotics, many Doctor's are becoming increasingly weary to prescribe them.

The danger is that with an overuse of antibiotics, bacterial strains are becoming increasingly resistant to the actual antibiotics themselves. Just as all living organisms possess natural defense mechanisms, the cells of bacterial strains continue  "adapting" to their environments. When antibiotics repeatedly make up a component of a cell's environment, that cell essentially learns how to better thrive under those "antibiotic" conditions. Another downside to antibiotics is that in addition to killing off harmful bacteria, they kill off necessary bacteria that our bodies need for its natural processes. A side effect of such an instance is the killing off of the protective flora of the stomach, which manifests as diarrhea.

So, the question then arises, "How and what de we replace antibiotics with, considering the great good they can do?" If we look to Mother Nature, our first and finest resource is the herbal world. While its true that penicillin is naturally occurring, the difference with herbs is that a single herb can contain many different bioactive compounds that are effective against several microorganisms and viruses - many of which are resistant to synthetic antibiotics. The only downside is in terms of emergency treatment. Since herbs do not contain super doses of any one naturally occurring antibiotic, their effects are more mild and slow. All things considered, this is actually a positive, for we all know that good health begins with prevention.

There are several herbs with antibiotic properties that when taken at the first signs of sickness, will have a major impact on shortening the duration of the sickness and helping the body heal itself. The most effective herbs - the one's you should remember - are Echinacea, Goldenseal, Sage, Peppermint, Thyme, Calendula, Cayenne (which improves circulation for better absorption of anti-bacterial herbs), Ginger and Garlic (yes, garlic is a member of the herb family). Of these, Echinacea, Goldenseal and Calendula have a direct effect on the immune system, while warming (spice) herbs like Thyme and Cayenne, aid the immune system with their antiseptic properties. Another herb used primarily in Ayurvedic herbal medicine is Neem, which studies have shown to be effective at killing fourteen types of fungi, including candida. Neem has also been shown to suppress certain strains of Staphylococcus and Salmonell, thus giving it antibiotic efficacy.

For a dried herb tincture, you will need 1 part Calendula flowers to 2 parts distilled water and 8 parts grain alcohol (190 proof corn grain alcohol). The first step is to grind the dried flowers into a powder with a mortar and pestle. Mix the water and alcohol together and pour over the pulverized flowers in a glass jar. Seal and shake twice a day for two weeks. Wait one day without shaking before pouring off the tincture so that particles can settle to the bottom. When they are settled, gently pour the liquid into another jar. Take the leftover material and scoop into a cheese cloth. Squeeze out all the alcohol (like you would a tea bag) into the newly strained tincture.

Contrary to grapefruit seed extract, which has controversy surrounding its antibiotic properties, Aloe Vera's antibiotic properties are documented by many clinical tests. FYI, many scientists contend that pure grapefruit seed extract by itself does not have any antibiotic properties, and that it is the action of preservatives and supplemented antibiotics that give grapefruit seed extract products their apparent effectiveness).

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