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The World of Herbs


What would we do without herbs? Well, for one, the whole culinary and natural products landscape would be sorely missing. Furthermore, many of the medicines and health products that we use on a regular basis wouldn't even exist. Oh, and here's a big one. There would be no such thing as Herbal Tea. The horror...the sheer horror!!! Seriously folks, herbs are a magical wonder, which you probably already know by now. In our green living guide, we talk about herbs by referring to the "World of Herbs". Well, this is no overstatement. There are so many herbs out there - some which may not have even been discovered yet. The healing, medicinal and culinary properties of all these herbs is nothing short of monumental. In addition to showing you how to use herbs in different ways, our Herbal Tips and Articles section is going to talk about all the herbs out there. Check back often for new articles on herbs - Man's second best friend!