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Top Health Foods for Youthful Skin


Are you tired of adult break outs and lackluster skin? Did you know that the foods you eat have a direct effect on you r skin and its appearance? This article will give you access to the top foods for youthful skin and ageless beauty. This is about more than just drinking your required amount of pure water each day folks! After you read this, you have a much better understanding about nourishing skin inside and out.

While many of us tend to get sucked into all the bells and whistles of expensive face creams that promise the fountain of youth, using naturally effective skincare products has a better result as well as eating foods that fortify and foster healthy cells that work to renew, repair and rejuvenate skin for lasting beauty.

Let’s take a look at the top foods for better looking, youthful skin shall we. Take a look at these top foods that just might surprise you:


Avocados are loaded with skin care aids such as omega-3 fatty acids, vitamins A, B and E, lecithin, potassium and more. Omega-3 fatty acids support flexible, healthy and strong cell membranes and ensure that nutrients can penetrate cells while waste is removed. Vitamins A and E are loaded with antioxidants. Vitamin B complexes in avocados are true fortifiers. Lecithin not only strengthens cells, it protects them as well. Potassium promotes new cell growth. Avocados also have a large amount of aforementioned antioxidants plus anti-inflammatory compounds like zinc, folate, carotenoids, phytosterols and flavonoids. Zinc and folate are great at fighting free radicals.


Blueberries naturally contain some of the highest contents of anti-oxidants found in any food. Ripe blueberries are especially loaded. These berries are super powers for skin healing and anti-inflammatory aid. The high amounts of anthocynanins (a phytonutrient) found in blueberries act as sun damage aids.


Chocolate is typically a surprise to many people first learning about the top foods for youthful skin. Chocolate contains a lot of the anti-oxidant catechins (think green tea). This antioxidant in particular works well for hydration improvement, skin density, blood circulation, youthful, glowing skin. Chocolate also contains high amounts of procyanidins that are great at countering skin damage and help protect skin. Dark chocolate is a superior form of chocolate when it comes to these benefits and it is better for your health when it comes to fat intake (at approximately 65% plus cocoa content) it is lower in calories as well.

Cabbage, Broccoli, Kale, Radishes

These are all vegetables in the crucifer family. Cruciferous vegetables are loaded with top ingredients for maintaining youthful skin. They boost the body’s natural detoxification enzymes to combat and repair damaged skin. These vegetable are low in caloric volume so they are good for your diet as well. These vitamins are particularly jam-packed with minerals. They contain many different antioxidants such as carotenoid (neutralizer of carcinogens that stress skin), isothaicyanates (guard against breast cancer).

Green Leafy Vegetables

Dark green veggies like collards, Swiss chard, spinach and parsley are low in calories and have a ton of nutrients. They also contain carotenoid antioxidants, vitamins A and C. these veggies contain sebum for skin which promotes well-conditioned, supple skin.

Green Tea

This type of tea is infused with a potent selection of age-defying antioxidants. This is a more natural tea that is processed minimally, so it contains the highest levels of antioxidants for teas. One of the antioxidants it contains, has been linked with the ability to inhibit cancer and help with the maintenance of youthful skin appearance.

Other top foods for youthful skin are omega oils (uncooked is best), red wine, now linked with many healthy benefits and contain anti-inflammatory flavonoids, raw honey, micro and macro algae (ocean growing, blue green algae).

Boy, Mom was always right when she said “eat your veggies”, but what about that chocolate bar you always wanted and was denied? How many of these top foods for youthful skin do you eat daily? At least you can sip a nice glass of red wine now that you are an adult!

Author: Amy Wermuth