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Romantic Healthy Foods


Hey guys! It is not too late to get the mood for Valentine’s Day. Some of you have it all planned out, but we also know many of you are on a slippery slope and are pressed for time to get it together. This year, those going green are staying in and making really good romantic food at home, you know organic and yummy delights made with the top most romantic ingredients.

Valentine’s Day Dinner is all about romance and even aphrodisiacs right? Hey remember Aphrodite, the Goddess of Love. Whether you want to impress a new love, or wanting to show your husband, wife, partner or friends (in this case remove the aphrodisiac statement and romance) you care, here are some really good suggestions for those eco-friendly need to be cooks out there. Try cooking with these ingredients they are truly romantic food ingredients that are considered mood enhancers and/or aphrodisiacs. You can easily find most the follow ingredients at your local health food store or grocer. Just pick one or two and implement them into your meal. Keep in mind that talking about the ingredients you used while eating them is very romantic too. It shows that you took the time to learn or that you know what you are cooking with. Trust us here at, this is go over really well!

Here we go: Almond (can be anything from a fair trade chocolate and almond bar to almonds in your main course for dinner). Artichokes (they are always romantic, they have a heart!). Avocado is great (try putting some avocado in your salad, main course or guacamole).  Basil (this herb goes with most any food you cook). Cardamom (great in tea, awesome in bath salts for that romantic bath) Chocolate (really, you do not need suggestions here, this is the consummate romantic food, but when melted and dipped into your favorite organic fruit it is romantic to say the least), Papaya (dip it in chocolate) saffron (great addition to rice) soy (great for any number of foods). If you have the money, use truffles (we are talking fungi here). You can shave a tiny bit into a gourmet hamburger, or buy (or make) truffle salt!

One dish on our menu here at will be steamed artichoke dipped in truffle butter! That is an amazing romantic food dish no? Just imagine eating it with the one you love, or a great friend.

Whatever your game plan is, this should help you figure out the best romantic foods for you! Happy Valentine’s Day!

Author: Amy Wermuth