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Cooking With Tea for Health


Tea leaves and tea products have been used in cooking recipes for hundreds of years if not longer. People cook with tea more than you may have realized. But if you have been watching cooking shows lately, you have probably noticed the term Darjeeling Tea pop-up quite a bit lately as an ingredient. In fact, many food aficionados say tea is the newest trend ingredient.

We all know the health benefits from tea. It is great for you to drink, so why not add into your next dinner or meal? There are dozens of great cooking websites to get your recipes from too. Once you do a little investigating, you will see teas like Darjeeling green tea, Darjeeling black tea, organic loose leaf tea and so many others are being used in food dishes and sauces. Chances are, you have already eaten a dish at a restaurant that contained some sort of organic loose leaf tea as an ingredient.

One great way to cook with tea is to simply grin up your favorite tea leaves into a pepper mill with a great white pepper. Voila. Now you have a great rub for vegetables and meat. If you do not eat meat, try rubbing your tofu with this blend. Yummy! It shouldn't be too concerning what types of teas you use, organic loose leaf tea, oolong, green tea, black tea. The list goes on. Try many, you will then get a taste for yourself and learn what your favorite is. There are so many sauces that you can add tea to as well. After all, tea leaves are edible - As in, you can chew them, not just steep them into a great cup of tea.

The benefits of cooking with tea are as infinite as drinking it. In several instances, when cooking with tea, it still retains just as many of the essential vitamins and antioxidants as when steeping it to drink does. What's more you still get the advantages of retaining good cholesterols (HDL's).

Tea is refreshing and really healthy. These days it's not all about just drinking it. Cooking with tea as a food ingredient can be the most versatile and interesting new addition to your menu line-up. If you have a favorite tea, cook with it. If you like the way it tastes in a cup or on ice, you will most likely feel the exact same when cooking with it.

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Author: Amy Wermuth