5 Quick Green Tips to Consider


Here is a simple little refresher course for going green. These are very basic green tips, but I am writing about them today just as a reminder to my readers out there. As you read these super simple tips and ideas, ask yourself if you practice them. You may already know about these tips, but do you practice them? Challenge yourself to use these green tips or at least think about them in your everyday life for even just one week. At the end of that week, ask yourself how easy they were to consider.

1. Use both sides of the paper you write on. I don’t need to mention that the paper is recycled right? Yes, many of my readers are still using a lot of paper at home, but mostly at work where perhaps paper is more reliably available and overused and they don’t get to make the recycling and going green decisions. Even if you are jotting down a quick reminder on a note pad, use the other side. This green tip may seem ridiculous to mention, but do you always use both sides of the paper you write on?

2. Stop drinking bottled water. Yes, it is real convenient to just buy a bottle of water on the run or during lunch, but stop. Buy a reusable container that is safe (safer than those plastic bottles). Buy a filter for your kitchen sink. It is simple and saves some green in your wallet. When you grab that plastic bottled water on the run at lunch time, do you always recycle it? It is easier to recycle at home, but what about when you are on the go, and running around town? Just take your filtered water with you when you leave to go. Have a filter installed at work. Advocate it if you have to. This green tip saves you serious money in the long run.

3. Turn your computer off and unplug it when you are not using it. This is a killer. This is something most people never think of. We live in a world where people text while driving! Your lap top and other home computer is always on, not to mention your cell phone. In today's day and age of constant smart phone use, which is now (fortunately) using technology like that of the HTC Amaze camera phone, cell phones can be a real energy sapper.  Seriously, you probably use your phone for more things than you use your computer for anymore anyways, so turn it off AND unplug it every time you are done. I work at home. I work a lot. But when I stop to take a break, my computer is turned off and unplugged. Get over it. It takes one minute to start your computer. This green tip saves you money on electricity and helps reduce the massive carbon footprint we make!

4. Get rid of junk mail. You think junk email is bad enough. Take the time to sign up and stop junk email from being delivered to your home. I know my mail man. Talk to yours. There are a bunch of services online that help you eliminate junk mail from being delivered. Don’t even get me started on paper bank statements and other bills. Online bill pay is much more secure than your lost mail or mail in your unlocked mail box. Fraud is protected against heavily by your bank and credit card companies. Stop having paper sent to you in the mail. I don’t even prescribe to magazines anymore (this was a tough one for me). I read everything online free. If you even have a home land line, make sure you don’t get that huge phone book delivered. If so, recycle it. I feel they will finally disappear soon! I fully realize you will not be able to rid yourself of these unwanted mail items in one week, but start the process.

5. Use florescent bulbs in every light in your home. Most workplace have been using cost efficient bulbs simply to save money, not necessarily the environment, but what about your home? If your employer doesn’t use florescent bulbs, advocate it. Think of this simple green tip. If everyone in the world that has electricity used only florescent bulbs, it would be the same as eradicating a million automobiles from the road. Buying these types of bulb is not as expensive as you think. They last longer, burn less energy, saving you even more green in your bank account.

So, there you have it. Take one week to consider and practice these simple green tips. I am not in anyway saying you have to change your life in a week, or that you can change all your bulbs in a week. Just take note of these ideas (if you are using paper to take note write on both sides!). These ideas are noting new, and they are not extreme. I am not asking you to use a compost toilet. I am reminding you to remind yourself.

Author: Amy Wermuth