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How to Calm Kids Naturally


With record amounts of kids on medications for hyper activity and various other behavioral issues, we feel compelled to share our findings on how to calm your hyper child without the use of medicine when possible.

This eco kid friendly tip offers 6 ways to calm kids and sooth your hyper child by creating an environment that is naturally relaxing and not over-stimulating. Calm kids have more useful focus and thrive naturally. We all want kids to play and have a super fun time, but by better understanding the environment we create for our children and examining the foods they eat a little closer can be the key to successfully relaxing your hyper child.

While childhood anxiety is not new to kids, we find these quite simple tips to be useful for raising calm kids. Consider the root of the issue. Why is your child acting out, hyper or not calm?

Give Them Room to Breathe

Listen to your child. When your kids are upset, as a parent your first natural reaction is to ask how you can fix it right? In the case of “acting out” you may threaten them with a “time out”. Try stepping back, listening and empathizing, without trying to “fix” the problem right away. Letting your kids express their discomfort, stepping back to gain perspective gives you a moment to reflect on the reasons and triggers for why these behaviors are taking place. Trying to “fix” the problem right away can many times backfire on you. Be consistent, create a consistent time of the day to allow your hyper child or upset kid to download just as you should. You can easily learn more about what triggers stress when you take even a few moments to listen and give space. Kids gain confidence in your care and are much more likely to successfully face fears if they have space to do so in.

Take a Look in the Mirror

If you want calm kids, you must be calm. For many hyper kids that are school-aged, performance anxiety becomes an overriding constant. This type of anxiety can create hectic, hyper behavior at home believe it or not. Unfortunately, parents do often times play a starring role when it comes to projecting their own ambitions onto their children. A perfectionist culture, unstable and hypercompetitive economy is blamed by many child behavioral professions when it comes to this. Parents have good intentions yet may otherwise not understand they are creating an unwanted environment causing kids to become a hyper child and children that act out. Calm kids tend to come from household where the parents work is not brought home and where media saturation is toned down to healthy levels. Lighten up on your expectations and your kids will flourish naturally.

Seek Professional Guidance

If you have an overtly hyper child, chronically anxious kid, or a child that is continually upset, get help form a professional that can guide your family unit. If your hyper child is so anxious they cannot regularly function without reprimand, you may need outside help. Seeking professional help for a hyper child does not always mean medicine has to be prescribed. There are a great number of natural, high quality herbs and natural products available online and even aroma based remedies that are proven to be helpful.

Slow Down

Do not pack too many activities into one day. Kids get overwhelmed and over stimulated easily. Speed creates stress. Calm kids can be children that play at the park on the corner. They do not have to be carted all over town from activity to activity in a hurry. Socializing is important, a certain amount of healthy competition is good, but can be found at the playground too.

Look at the Foods They Eat

If blood sugar drops, look out. This is very stressful on your kids and it is irritability-issue big time. Too much sugar, watch out. Talk about hyper kids. Look for foods that provide a slower release of nutrition. Slow and steady is the way to go. Too much fat, protein or sugar at once does not create calm kids. Whole grain bread, hummus (you’d be shocked at he fact that kids like hummus, if you are shocked, this says you need to expand your horizons when offering foods to your kids. Low fat cheese is highly recommended and kids don’t know the difference.


We said calm kids have calm parents and it is true. If you project relaxation, your hyper child will absorb the vibe more likely. Spend quality, calm time especially in the evening.

These are really simple tips for creating calm kids and less hyper active kids. Putting them into practice can be more challenging than you may think. Self reflection is not the easiest. But if you take look at the environment your child is in at home and when in your presence, and practice the above recommendations, a hyper child will be hard to find around the house.

Author: Amy Wermuth


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