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Go Green With Renewable Energy Credits

While the technology for producing clean energy exists, the funding to get more clean energy sources off the ground and phasing out fossil fueled energy sources, which are significant contributors of Carbon Dioxide, and ultimately, global warming, still has a ways to go. Great progress, however, has and continues to be made in making "green" energy available to the masses.

One of the most effective ways to further the growth of green energy - namely, wind and methane powered energy - is by purchasing renewable energy credits (RFC's). If you live in an area where there are renewable energy generators supplying green energy to your power grid, you can ensure that these renewable energy sources continue to supply clean energy to your power grid by purchasing renewable energy credits. Even if you do not live in an area where renewable energy supplies your power grid, you can help fund new projects and existing alternative energy sources to ensure they continue growing and eventually make it to your power grid - Ultimately replacing fossil fuel energy sources.

The way RFC's work is that after calculating your Carbon footprint (facilitated by an online Carbon calculator), you simply donate a corresponding financial amount to a renewable energy project, whether it be one you benefit directly from or one helping to benefit another area of the world. Ultimately, it all goes to reducing greenhouse gas emissions the world over.

So, where can you offset your Carbon footprint? Well, you first need to locate a place where you can obtain a renewable energy certificate. Third party offset companies like NativeEnergy are your best option. Give them a visit and at the very least you can find out plenty of more information about renewable energy credits and new alternative energy projects. Once you are there, you will first need to make use of the Carbon Dioxide footprint calculator to determine how much Carbon Dioxide you are individually responsible for contributing to the environment. Once you know your CO2 footprint, you will also know how many renewable energy credits you will need to offset your contribution of CO2. Detailed information is provided about each project, varying from methane recapture facilities to wind turbine farms, allowing you to specifically pick where you want your offset to go.

Energy Renewable Credits do not cost that much folks. If you can afford a little at the end of each month, it is a very worthy cause. Some say it is a cause we cannot afford to lose. For instance, my wife and I do not own a vehicle and so our energy usage is going to be lower than those folks who do drive. Based on our monthly electric and gas bill, our offset is only $5 per month. Enter your information into a CO2 footprint calculator to find out what your offset will be. It's that easy.

An offset does not actually remove the CO2 you contributed to the environment. What it does do, however, is provide kickbacks to the renewable energy providers to help more projects get funded and built. By doing this, you are ensuring that demand is driving the supply - a natural law of economics. CO2 offsetting is simply taking responsibility for the pollution you cannot avoid contributing to.

Remember, all energy that is fed into power grids, whether it be green or fossil fueled, is equally shared amongst the recipients of that grid. In other words, everybody receives the same energy because all energy is the same on the receiving end. However, the environmental effects on the giving end (our energy sources) are very different.

Also keep in mind that wind powered energy and methane abatement are actually cheaper sources of energy. You might have to pay a little more now, but it will save you money in the long run. If you don't do it for yourself, at least consider doing it for the next generation. If you can afford it, every little bit helps.

Author: Ry